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  • Guest

    #46 Nailed It

  • Duck

    Fat Canadians reppin' it on the Brigade.

    • 226

      #6 Must be Sig Ops. I guess they don't teach dress regs anymore. Belt should be cut so his gold tab is right under the buckle (gold on gold). Fix that pizza hat beret.

  • whyme1973

    #19 #22 #31 #39 Looking real good. Send more.

  • Guest

    Do the USMC a favor brigade, if you get a photo from a Marine with a gut and no Purple Heart, he has no excuse for being a tub of lard and his lazy a@@ does not rate a photo on your site. #8 his belt is out of regs as well probably because he was to lazy to fix that as well. Cpl 0351 OEF vet

    • lost in time

      he is one fat-ass marine. poser?

  • Kody

    #3! Thanks Rick!

  • Per Mare Per Terram

    Jesus, steady on fat-boy #8! Thank god you will not find a Royal Marine in that condition – they are usually too busy on the front line to be in McDonald's!!

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