Daily Morning Awesomeness (30 Photos)

  • Finfrosk

    Haha, love the little dance-move of the guy in a blule t-shirt in #15!

  • jessica

    #16 wow! like a boss!

  • FunKiller

    #11 Who wants a mustache ride?

    • http://www.itabloid.gr George

      Notice this: Is he laughing? We have a party here in Greece…

  • N1ko5

    Greek police is the one giving birth to Greek Anarchists!
    From a thorn comes a rose and from a rose a thorn!!

  • http://twitter.com/xgbarry @xgbarry

    Had to check #25 wasnt me

  • ElDon513

    Thank you for this.

  • tv_paul

    #4 A book store made out of books, how novel.

    • back2worknow

      I read you loud and clear.

      • tv_paul

        I heard the owner went to school at Biblio Tech.

        • back2worknow

          He probably learned how to get himself into a bind. If so, I hope he has good insurance instead of just paper bag coverage.

          • tv_paul

            I'm surprised for a book store it only has one or two stories .

  • subvet

    #6 looks Filipino, and like my sister in law..

  • http://twitter.com/kyanarodil Kyky

    #15 Guy in the blue shirt, becomes a teapot.

  • Tim

    #14 Whatchu' talk' 'bout Latrell Sprewell?

  • Leigh

    #22 hmm this gets me all excited! I may just have to watch the video a few 100 times today =P

    Flyboard FTW

  • Jamie

    #25 Over Wing exit row on SWA. Best seat on the plane.

    • back2worknow

      Except not SWA. It is a Boeing 727. SWA only operated 737's

      • Tim

        This was southwest…I took this picture. Not sure how it ended up on TheChive.com. I took this picture,and it was on my facebook account. Maybe because I went to college and am facebook friends with some of the folks from the chive they used the pic…not sure. Totally randome, and was pretty suprised when I saw it up here.

      • Steve

        The operated 727s for a bit during their early years (70s/80s)

  • https://www.facebook.com/keith.dietrich.7 Keith_D

    Anyone care to find #21?

    • heinieee


  • CanadianPiper

    #16 Like a boss

  • Leo valler

    # 19 Leo Messi best fucking soccer player in the world, from Argentina to the planet…

  • mopar_man

    #7 It's too early in the morning for mindfucks.

  • the credible hulk

    #21 disgusting the way she drags her pussy across the floor

  • :DDD

    Awesome dad is awesome

  • ZBuddha


    Too good to be true!

  • bigcityreem

    #28 The award for stupid criminal of the year goes to…

  • alex

    #21 IS NOT FUNNY

  • chron247

    #28 That's hysterical. She wanted something to do. It's like, get a hobby lady!

  • http://www.camaro5.com/forums/showthread.php?t=133607 _The_Stig_

    #15 What's the standard deduction for that, 3 tenths?

  • CanucksRule

    #2 – ULTIMATE chicken fight.

  • cdl

    #16 This dude lives near me. The back of the jumper says "and loving it". Dick is the man.

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