Do not want, with a side of nope (31 Photos)

  • Yuppp

    #30 couldn't want more

    • BPRugger

      This was so needed after #28… not cool not cool at allll

    • FunKiller

      Umm…….that's a dude…..

      • Yuppp

        Ha! Go home Yuppp, you are drunk.

    • socalmarti

      Sorry gent's ths is theChive I'll bet ya anything that's a dude!!! 😉

  • Yerp

    #13 strangely want, I guess just to confuse people.

  • Yerp

    #20 do they make it in weed brownie wife. If so, I will take it.



    • JustKidding

      Only in CO!

  • blue_bronco

    #3 Basically the Cowboys season. (I'm Cowboys fan)

    • jbcrazylife

      It's a Packers jersey… look on the side of his shoulder. But I agree about the Cowboy's season!! (Cowboy's fan also)

      • Damn

        I feel bad for the both of you.

      • scaggnettii

        I trump your cowboys bad time with the CHIEFS. (NOT A CHIEFS FAN ANYMORE)

        • Emmett Smith

          How's that fair weather thing sitting with your traitorous ass?

      • Heisanidiot

        Wouldn't it be like a Favre All-Star jersey? If so, could be a nice metaphor of what he did to his legacy…

    • CaptainInsano

      "Wait, what the hell is a glove?"

    • 12th Man

      Go SEAHAWKS!

      • UhHuh

        Hahhahahahhahahhahahaha!!!!……..hahaahah hahaahah…….haha….haa. Ha. Uhh ummmm…….ok, I'm done now.

      • Cassandra Boulanger

        ❤ hell yes

        • Derpina

          Sorry, you are too cute to be a Seahawks fan.

    • ps86

      there is nothing in this world worth doing this for

      • Gross Toasties

        Foraging for food two years from now, in Mississippi

    • NorCal420

      should be a raiders jersey

    • haku

      pretty much sums up the Chargers last 6 years too…

  • fucked

    #15 can you put a baby there

  • @therealtoot

    #25. That you, Paula?

    • reclaimer

      hahaha well done sir

    • Cole

      Very well played, but doubtful. It's not big or scary enough to be Paula's.

    • Dr_StrangePants

      Let me get this straight…..Both of Paula's Balls have a Vagina?
      That is so disgustingly erotic

      • amrith777

        Reminds me of that episode where Kathy Bates played dead Charlie Harper on "Two and a Half Men".She was HILARIOUS!

  • ChiTownChiver

    #25 Scariest vag ever

    • chive is my drug

      Looks better then a blue waffle.

      • Dr_StrangePants

        it really does

    • Verbal_Kint

      Doesn't matter, had sex…

    • Yep

      #23 might be worse

    • neelsvanpk

      Ugh.. Nauseous just looking at it, my puny little brain has no resistance in thinking that that is a lady-meat-pocket.

  • omgwtfbbq

    #25 Rosie O'donnell and Lisa Lampanelli's vaginas?

  • Mike

    These just made my day!

    #30 #31

  • SURE

    #2 is that the men's room at the Austin meetup?

    • Kato

      I think that's a public urinal in Manila… or Mexico.

      • DAMN

        No shit.

        • eh...

          Too much shit in fact

      • anon

        its in Manila. Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA)

        • DAMN

          Perfect. Now I know to steer clear of that place.

          • Cole

            Indeed. I'll be staying the fuck away from the Philippines after seeing that. Thanks for the ID, anon.

            • Kato

              Yeah. Cause we all know that every place outside of US of A is a piece of shit, right? Right?

              • Cole

                Certainly not, but that place clearly is.

  • TheRealLomo

    #28 can go to hell

    • Verbal_Kint

      That's where it came from…

      • TheRealLomo

        It should go back.

      • amrith777

        Ain't it the TRUTH! Fucking Shelob o.0

    • Dr_StrangePants

      Are the Fangs Touching his Skin????

  • Jason

    What the hell is #25? It looks like some sort of alien vagina.

    • @AllTaco

      I'm glad you asked Jason, it's a…uh, it's a GD monster is what it is.

    • Brad

      Hydnora africana, a parasitic plant and what you're looking at are its flowers with an odor to match.

      • amrith777

        Check out the big brain on BRAD!!!

  • r1rider

    #9 not just no, but FUCK NO!

    • ZachBob

      Oh shit, that's scorpions. I thought that was hair clippings. Definite do not want.

      • amrith777

        I'm sayin'! I thought the same thing at first then as my eyes focused I "NOPED" my neck like a giraffe!

  • tv_paul

    #13 This guy must be from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn.

    • Verbal_Kint

      Oh, ewe… Don't pull the wool over our eyes..

      • tv_paul

        I think he's a shady guy. I heard he's always trying to fleece people.

        • Verbal_Kint

          That kind of behavior always get's my goat…

          • weldsoft

            C-C-C-C-C-ombo breaker!

  • Dominic Matteo

    #4. Idk what's in there and I don't want to know because I'd most Likely never eat chipotle again….



    • UhHuh

      It's a maggot. Sorry I ruined Chipotle for you forever.

      • Osgood

        It's a screw with a piece of rice on the head of it.

    • wut

      looks like a screw to me

    • @AllTaco

      It's a lawsuit.

    • Sean

      I thought chipotle was bad coming out before I saw this picture

    • omgwtfbbq

      fake. i will continue to eat chipotle it is glorious.

      • Joe

        As a former employee… I can pretty much promise it's not fake. The managers back there will have you cut any possible corners to get "the job done". I was reprimanded for putting a bandage on after cutting myself, and was told to "Just get a fresh glove and keep working."

        • Clark

          Dammit Joe, you're ruining this for everyone.

    • ChiveOn

      Chipotle was, is, and always will be gross. Not surprised.

  • sfb101

    #21 Would drive even more insane than I all ready am.

    • Amigo

      I can't read what it says but I'm guessing the idea is to paint your own picture on it no?

      • InfestYourMind

        Pretty sure it's just a white puzzle to test your concentration.

        • @IceLegatus

          except all the pieces are the same type. Imagine if they were different puzzle pieces that were all white.

          • JustKIdding

            look real close-they ARE different. Makes it three times as bad

  • baddbuzz

    #21 totally mind fuckcked

    • Yerp

      Your comment mind fucked me a little bit.

    • Wiley

      Might as well shred some blank print paper and put it back together

    • law

      i want it

  • SmokeyTheBear

    #2 I'll piss on the wall instead.. looks more sanitary

    • _Moose_

      Seems like everybody's shakin'
      'Cause the big one's 'bout to fall
      I'm just tryin' to hold it steady while I
      Piss on the wall

    • filipino shithouse

      Maybe you can get the guy in #3 to clean it for you before you take a dump…


    Excellent post . Good job

    • Sweet

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  • KeepinCalm

    #3 Hell F*ck No! Damn near lost my lunch thinking about it…

    • Hrdwood

      It gets worse when he absent mindedly scratches his nose…

    • mittens

      "Workplace stress will kill you faster than lead paint, and never shake hands with a plumber."

    • joe dirt

      its all part of the job but i were sholder glove

  • Buzzard3000

    22 – the snotsucker. If you have a baby, buy this F*cking thing. It's the best. No…the snot doesn't go into your mouth, geez.

    • chive is my drug


    • Jim

      Agreed. I bought one. Was disgusted at the idea, but it works like a charm.

    • Crazy_Jake

      How does it NOT go into your mouth? Suck hard and here it comes..

  • roark

    #30 was a test, right? …just to see if we're reading all the way through

    • FunKiller

      Well, at least it's post-op…..does that make it ok?

  • AdamBaldick

    #30 GIMME

  • Adam

    21 is the easiest puzzle ever, just time consuming, look at the shape of the pieces.

    • Lame


    • reclaimer

      your supposed to put the number symbol before the number. example: #21

      • reclaimer

        your welcome

        • Spelling Police

          "You're;" a contraction of "you are." "Your" is possessive. Stay in school.

      • Spelling Police

        "You're;" a contraction of "you are." "Your" is possessive. No one owns a "supposed." Stay in school.

    • JustKidding

      Actually, no. Look real close.

  • Stick

    Submitted by an /n/thusiast?

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