• https://www.facebook.com/sam.evans.90663 Sam Evans

    Count the number of moves and try to get to the square he pulls. Its math.

    • M.O.T.


    • Stephen

      You are quite correct sir. Combinatorics. It is the sequence of the number of moves allowed that forces your hand.

  • Mac

    His "predictions" are the only possible spots that one couldn't have moved to in the number of moves he provided. Not as ESP-esque as theChive would have us to believe, but still a pretty cool trick!

  • Shane

    What a dork, he's saying numbers. Pshshsh. nerd.

  • Paul Chuchmuch

    Trippy, but ya it's that damn math again

  • DutchmanNick

    The british illusionist/mentalist Derren Brown has got complete shows many times more complex and disturbing than this. That guy Derren is really creepy, went to see a theatre show of his, amazing, it's worth looking up on youtube.

  • Meh

    Boooooooo!! If it's just math, say math… C'mon man!

  • pimpampet

    he failed, i was on a squaire he told me not to be.

    • Nico

      You failed counting, man, otherwise it couldn't have happened.

      • N1ko5

        why is counting even relevant? he doesnt say to move as many blocks as the number suggests, he just says "make a move, every time i say a number". So even if he says 1 i can move 2 blocks or if he says 3 i can only move 1 block….. this video fails, i had my finger on the house after the 1st series of numbers and it was the first block he suggested i wouldnt have been!

        • DaddyD

          You're not following the rules. He says move ONE square every time he says a number.

    • 5eagles

      This is possible. I've "tricked" this vid twice already. He's using math AND playing odds.

      • Underbaker

        Only possible if you don't follow the rules, the rules are that you must move one square at a time and and can't move diagonal, then it is just a matter of being on an odd or even square from the first move and he removes the opposite.

  • John

    What an asshole, you don't know me!

  • Underbaker

    I moved diagonal on the first move, because I do what I like, and he fucked it up.

  • AndySaximus

    *punches guy in face* See THAT comin Mr. Cleo??

  • maoam

    simple math.. nothing more

  • ALEC

    asshole. Makin' me smudge up my screen.

  • Joe

    Everything was right right until the Q

  • Max

    I was on the circle with the diagonal line when he pulled it

  • Jeff

    Anyone who thinks they "tricked" it, please go evaluate your lives.

    It has to do with whether he counts to an odd/even number. The squares he pulls away are unreachable in the amount of times he counts as long as you are following the rules. You are not "special" nor "unique" if it didn't work for you, just dumb.

  • Dawn

    i was on V when he removed it 😦

  • monkey for hire

    there was a subliminal flash of the face part way through the video at 1.02-03.

  • Ryan Frew

    The people who used their actual finger to do this instead of their mouse…….

    • Chiver

      Hahahahaha awesome don't I feel dumb now. On a smart phone bud no mouse

  • Soul Repear0

    My finger was on the Q at the end of the video when the Q and the Happy Smiley Face is on and you have to make one more move i did not move my finger from the Q so i win 😀

  • ChristophersonofGray

    Get out of my computer!

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