Hump day is best day (43 Photos)

  • lost in time

    there's a few butt's here worth the time, but for the most part, this post has grown boring.

  • admiral

    #5 #6 #10 #11 #12

  • nasuh_93

    i like big butts and I can not lie


    Hello Fellow Chivers,

    Please take a minute and look at this website. I am a member of a small division one soccer program that has been cut due to solely our President's decision. He did not break the news to us himself, and simply sent someone else in his stead. The way he and the school handled this issue was atrocious. He has not given a solid explanation to back the cut, and has had multiple monetary issues at other schools he was President of – he basically ran other schools into the ground.
    Please give this website a look – we need your help.

    Thank You

  • yermon

    #6 – u can almost see her half pussy if u blow up the pic

  • Gaping Vagina

    some girls need to be doing squats and lunges !!


    #8 This is good. Very good.
    #29 Your ass is incredible. But I think you're aware of that.

    Thanks, ladies.

  • kmotamed

    #2… Urge to drill
    #12… Rising

  • Bruce

    #11 you should be #( 1 ) absolutely beautiful, thats a gym body!

  • Caliguy85

    #30 def has that perfect wow factor where you from?..

    • theChiver

      Yes! Find MOAR of her!

  • Rebecca

    It's disgusting how theChive has turned into a male-oriented website where women aren't even welcomed anymore unless they want to be seen as sex objects. I know those that are reading this will be like: "well why don't you go to the girl site, theBerry?" Simple. Because they are sexist in that their postings are all about decoration and fashion and no sexy guys AT ALL. I mean you guys have what? Mind the Gap Mondays? Burn your Bras Tuesdays? Newly Single Chivettes? Hot Girls in the Middle of Nowhere? And how many posts of hot men do we get? "Hot Men of theBerry" which happens like once a month and only shows guys NOT doing sexy things, keeping their clothes ON and acting normal.
    There is a simple line being drawn lately of a MAN'S site and a WOMAN'S site. I can't even scroll through the DAR or any other nonsexual post without seeing a woman scantily scad and feeling like I don't belong.
    And you know what's more? This comment will be ignored, not because its not right or doesn't have meaning but because too many males out there will down-vote it and the MALE editors will look and disregard it.
    So I'm prepared for sexists (get back to the kitchen, chive isn't for you, etc.) bullshit that is coming my way.
    But just know, abundance in comments doesn't mean abundance in intelligence.

    • bigjohn

      Actually it's Burn your Bra THURSDAY…please make the correction!

    • Agreed

      And the sad thing is girls provide all of the pictures like they need some horny guys talking about them to feel good about themselves. It's kind of sad really

    • Agreeing

      I was a big fan of the Berry a long time ago when I was new to these sites. Now I realize that not only do they not post "normal" guys except for once a week, any other post of theirs are male models. Daily hottie, model. Shirtless friday, model. Stuff I wish my guy would wear, models. I don't care if the guys are dressed or not, I like a great smile and eyes or anything else just as much as the rest of 'em but once a week? Seriously? How about you post all the pictures that are sent it, cute or not, and make a guy's day. EVERY day.

      As for the Chive and all the pictures of women. That's what the site is all about! Yes, they too have been using more pictures of models and seem to be going through their inbox religiously to post only the best of the best (unfortunate, because I thought the message was "every woman, unphotoshopped, is beautiful") but the idea is still there & I do support it! 🙂

  • bigjohn

    I am more of a FLBP guy, but I have to say #11 tripped my trigger! Beautiful!

  • Tommo

    #21 trying to achieve sexy lip bite failure

    • Theface

      Big time

      • Chiverrr

        i think its an attempt to make a funny face not a sexy one lol

  • Joe

    Find #25 and tell her it is dangerous to keep a fan on the edge of a bath tub.

  • Aggie2012

    #2 I'll give that girl my aggie ring, if she lets me gig em

  • ZinnNasty

    #37 FTW

  • BobBX542

    #25…Is that Bree Olson?? If it's not, she's still super hot.

  • Tommy

    More of #11 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Climb On

    #5 #6 #14 #40 All very nice. Where is Super Girl? We really need some Lauren Gentile too.

  • Guest

    #3, #5, #11, #16, #18, #19, #35, #39, #40 All Amazing! Thank You.

  • Guest

    #40 #35 #29 #19 #16 #11 #5 #3 All Amazing! Thank you.

  • Dyron Donaldson

    Alot of Humpless… ladies on this string.
    #2, #14,#15, #29 and #43 Made it worth while though. Number 2 especially. DAMN DAT ASS.

  • Guest

    #39, #29, #16, #12, #10 …………..nice humps ladies

  • CincyGuy

    #12 Love it!

  • derek

    #2 is shopped. The original was just fine! Leave my ass pictures alone and authentic Damnit! lol

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