• Ohms

    I am a grown ass man…and should not be "awww-ing" this much.

  • fucked

    weirdest boner right now

  • bigcityreem

    An animal post from Mac that doesn't involve cats? Mac, is everything okay?

  • OG Long Nut

    nom nom nom door stop nom nom

  • Kyle

    Tea is done

  • Sean

    I think the puppy is cuter than the doorstop personally

  • DriveBy

    He rooks dericious, make fine runch.

  • Amanwholikespuppies

    Brb, need to mop up my melted heart.

  • abs

    I was only going to watch the first few seconds… then I watched the whole clip

  • BNicky

    Does anyone else have issues viewing these photos sometimes? I'm using FireFox 16.0.2 on Windows XP

    • BNicky


  • Joe

    Everyone who is saying that u do not feel like a man anymore after watching this are fucking idiots. There is nothing wrong with thinking this little puppy is cute. Anyone who thinks other wise is a fucking idiot.

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