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  • chiverX

    You're gonna need a passport

  • Victor


  • pshhh

    meeting up in texas? might as well meet up at a landfill

    • ComeOn

      Agreed. Hasn't there already been a fuckin' Texas meetup?

    • Pfeather

      Austin isn't Texas, braj

      • pshhh

        its not!? holy shit why did i learn that it was the capital of the state? stupid teachers must of been texan

    • Nick

      Ya'll must be from California.

    • mrpko

      Well Texas must be doing something right because I believe it's the 3rd time (2nd official) meetup.

    • Tay Tay

      bunch of haters. the butt hurt is strong with you.

  • UhHuh

    Boring day on the Chive today. Bring on the humps I say!

  • Craigan

    Going solo. Need drinking pals!

    • @GettingGaKedon

      Nough said. Im here early for the F1 race and scored a ticket. Just printed it at the Library

    • Shauna L Wilson

      Im goin solo too!

  • Peter Morak
  • Lexi

    how about you meet up in VA beach, or jacksonville nc that would be awesome

    • Nope


  • TorontoMeetup

    How are these still here???? If there were to be a Toronto Meetup they would sell out in five minutes!!

    I just can't believe these are still here after a half hour. Wished I lived in Austin right now

    • Nope

      Haha! Toronto? Come on man, lets be a little more realistic here.

  • Pfeather

    What is justifying the $40 ticket price? Seems like just a huge cover

  • @juliarod89

    can we get rowdy in dallas sometime?

  • Jamole C Victor

    43.19!!! Does it come with a hotel room, damn!! Put them on groupon for 70 percent off then I will buy one.

  • Trevor Gibbs

    I dont move to Austin until the 28th, NOOOOOOOO!!!!!

    • Seth Sulser

      Look up Austin area Chivers on Facebook. Congrats on the move!

  • CanucksRule

    have a blast texas!!

  • C-Note

    You would do this during Formula 1 week.

  • Ace

    I hope y'all are going to the F1 race. It's the best time to be in Austin in recent history.

  • Abe

    Come to San Antonio soon !! Couln't get off from work today ! SMH !

  • lån med anmärkning

    lån med anmärkning

    The last block of tickets for the Austin Chive Meetup is here! : theCHIVE

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