The view is always better from a woman’s POV (40 Photos)

This is quickly becoming one of the more popular posts here at theCHIVE. Chivettes, if you like the way thinks look from your vantage point, submit here.

  • Fosfrog

    #2 #10 #36 Chive POV is OUTSTANDING! Can we have this weekly?

  • clntber_fer

    #6 wow!

  • J.P.

    Insanely beautiful.

  • CanucksRule

    #2 #9 #15 – honestly, this thread could go on forever.

  • papermill

    If I were a Chivette, I'd never look up….or get dressed. #35 and #36 my lawd yes

  • Monster1214

    Sweet Jesus!! It's like an extra helping of FLBP!!

    Chive, I salute you!

  • Dennis Ray


  • tjo55555


  • Chris

    #3 One of the best girl-V's I have ever seen. DO WANT!!!!


    I don't know how the fuck chivettes ever get anything done. Including putting on clothes and leaving the house. What a post.

  • Guest girl

    #27 for the win! So hot!

  • kmotamed

    #1 and #5 stole the show!

  • Kevin Tensfeldt

    Oh glory!!

  • dom

    Whats with 37s feet?

  • Bruce

    Smuggle those Skittles ladies! #20 #25 #30

  • Gary



  • Gary

    I'll try again


  • rob

    # 27 …hope that swelling never goes down

  • scrotal

    Stu, you're gay.

  • Jesus

    Aren't there any real boobs anymore its like silicone central.

  • Jeffro

    Its JO time everyone!

  • bill

    wow #4 she is a winner in my book.yummy,yummy,lick

  • mikey

    Oooooo my sweet mothers milk—thanks for making my day!!!

  • AestheticEye

    #36 is a POV that will never lose its elegant allure. So Sexy! Keep them coming Chivette!

  • FAbio


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