• I Eats Bacon


  • lol

    retarded cheeseeater

  • animal_mother

    Match fixing ?!? nah that to blatant hes an idiot

  • Belrick

    See this is why camcorders and cellphones with cameras are evil.. that poor boy is ruined for life. There is nothing, NOTHING that can be said that could lessen the shame.
    I think that the witness protection program should kick in and get this kid a new identity in a new town AND be prepared to do it as many times as it takes since his past will certainly catchup with him again and again.

    Also it may pay to put this kid on suicide watch.

  • http://euroranger.wordpress.com/ Euroranger

    Well, he WAS French…so this really is more along the lines of "per usual" I'm guessing.

  • 40 creek whiskey

    Super sailor.

  • Kato

    That guy is the ultimate team troll. On another note, find the girl at the end of the video!

  • rdub

    Not only is he shooting in the wrong basket, the douche can't even make a simple layup!

  • JTW

    Best part is, he missed four times on the wrong basket!

  • Gig 'em

    Thats why baskeball is a 'murican sport. Frogs dont do it right.

    • ImALoserBaby

      say that to Tony Parker!

    • Greg

      Invented by a Canadian….:p

    • dirtysteve

      also, he's not French.

    • RestoftheWorld

      Well at least you Yanks are better at something 😉

  • Alan

    Apparently there are french words to describe this fail

  • CanucksRule

    haha, dunce.

  • ddd

    he should play olympics

  • Ernesto Perez

    Why is nobody covering me??

  • joe


  • bigfat

    Same person showed up in jeans to practice.

  • Mic

    Welcome to Belgium 😉

    Full Non-sens included….

  • Nevenem

    first pick fo so

  • thechevron

    why are the black players AND the yellow players shooting into the same hoop?

  • DubStu

    Chick at the end looks like Terence…

  • Cheech and Chong

    Basketball pwns. I got a basketball pwns.

  • thesexychiver

    Lol i knew they made shitty soldiers, but not knowing what end of the court to use now that's just fucking funny

  • JYPfan

    Dang! He's French, what else is there to say????

    • dirtysteve

      Only that he's Belgian?

  • French chiver

    He's not FRENCH ! He's from Belgium. Parker & Noah are french !

  • lilly6894

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