Venice Italy seems to take flooding in stride (29 Photos)

  • Doobie

    I like how you had to include Italy in the title, to help the Americans know where Venice is.

    • Geography Dick

      You do realize that the -VE in CHI-VE refers to Venice (Beach) in California, right?

      There is more than one Venice in the world….

      • Anjin-San

        ah ah, you funny guy…

        but NO

        There is just one Venice in the world

        • Guest

          Yeah, the filthy, smelly one filled with the rudest people in the world. Just think of all the garbage and bags of dog crap (that the Italians never clean up) floating around in there!

          • Moody

            You dumb!!! I do not know where are you from, and I do not even care…just know that Italy isnt only the garbage or bags you see in the city of Naples!
            Italy is culture, history and arts…, what about you?!!!!!
            Your ignorance is without limits!

            • Anonymous

              hey now, let's talk about something we all can enjoy…. italian women. they're pretty amazing.

              • ChrisDG74

                Until they get old, and start growing beards.

                • Elsie

                  Cheer up everyone lol 😀 here's a joke

                  What kind of underwear do clouds wear?


                • Bunny

                  i would do monica bellucci even if she had a beard.

            • Dr_StrangePants

              The Internet – Helping Other Countries Make Fun of Each Other Since 1998

              • The_Dood

                A nation is a society united by delusions about its ancestry and by common hatred of its neighbors.
                -William Ralph Inge

                • AnyoneForCoffee

                  Ah, Scotland.

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      I went to JFK airport in New York, New York, USA and asked for a ticket to London.

      Ended up in Minnesota.

      • Jen

        America, you so funny.

    • Merica

      Hey Doobie, not all Americans are ignorant like you assume but say that to the face of this American and ill knock your ass back to where you came from.


      • BringDemocracy2U

        Don't fuck with 'Merrrica.
        whe have huge bombs to compensate our small dicks

    • Bill

      I like how you had to include pictures in the post, to help Americans know how the fuck to handle a flood.

      • American

        America is made up of mostly people who came here and killed my people… fuck off everyone outside of america is america you fucks came here and KILLED MY PEOPLE so i say to you it is all about perspective and being the minority I see you all the majority as assholes who came here and KILLED my fucking people

        • Sorry I kill U

          so angry can't even type!! DGAF!!!

  • Ace11

    Chris Angel will do just fine

  • Rusty Shackleford

    I remember my trip to Venice: the arcitecture, the gondola rides, the cries of "Assassino!" from guards as I killed- oh wait, that was Assassins's Creed II. It still looks nice even with the flooding though

    • Jaives

      Wasn't that Florence? I don't think Ezio went in Venice.

      • Swinger340

        Yes it was Florence. And Venice, and Tuscany, and Forli. Am I forgetting one?

    • TommyKnockers

      sooo very true

  • kmotamed

    #7, #12, #23… great photos!

  • Dubs

    I can't find my floppy Dolphin door mat!

  • SImone

    Guys, i live in Venice and this is completely normal for us! 🙂
    Every year the "acqua alta" (which means "high water" literally) phenomenon took place in this period, and this is not the stronger that i've ever seen…

    • Dr_StrangePants

      The one thing I learned out of this
      is that there are lots Venetian Chivers

    • truth

      I've got to ask. With all the flooding…isn't that water full of all kinds of 'waste'? I can only imagine if this occurred where I am; the flood waters would be a mix of garbage, human waste, and probably meth. So would your streets be awash with atleast some seriously nasty stuff most people wouldn't want to be swimming in?

      • SImone

        Good question! the fact is that Venice is prepared, so there's not garbage or human waste. The real danger for swimming in this waters is provoked by the waste of the chemical implant and the oil refinery of Porto Marghera (which is a city near venice). Fortunately all these polluting factories are to be shut down soon.

        (ps: sorry for my english 😉 )

        • I don't know

          Don't be sorry, it's awesome that you're bilingual even if its not 100% perfect we get your point.

          The closest most of us English speakers can get to speaking Italian is "that's a mighty spicey a meatball" in a bad accent.

          • I don't know fag

            Shut the fuck up, I don't know.

  • Roberto

    As an italian I can tell you this is what really makes Venice what it is. You call it "poor infrastructure" and we call it "Venice". Ask anyone who has visited Venice: when it's dry it's beautiful and when it's "flooded" it's amazing…
    The High water it's simply another attraction to the city.

    • Ryan

      Same with New Orleans. It gives it that extra appeal that only comes with destruction.

    • realpeople

      Real people dealing with real problems! Unlike so many others looking for poor me handouts! Great job Venice you are an inspiration to us real working people!!!

    • Hawksnester

      Except it smells like shit. Or at least it did when I was there and it flooded.

  • Billy Bob

    Ahh Karma you strike again. The rudest people in the world live in Venice

    • ????

      May I ask you why you say that?

    • Emm

      Sure you don't mean the tourists? Or those that live in mestre that commute in? Very few people that you se there live there

    • SImone

      What are you talking about?!? Whay you say that? I live in Venice and i'm proud of it!

    • Sigh McBleh

      You spelled "France" wrong.
      Weird, though, considering OUTSIDE of France the French can be some of the nicest people.

      Sources: Yearly business trips to European countries…

    • scootz

      my passport is flooded with stamps, people are nice everywhere if you ARE NOT A FUCKEN DOUCHE

  • ShadowChiver

    All I could think of is for the girl in #1 to stand up!

  • Andrea

    Just a point – it' not "poor infrastructure" that has led to yet another massive flooding – it happens on a regular basis every year, it's called "acqua alta", wich can be translated as "high water". As you probably know, venice is built entirely over the sea (you know that, right?Venice isn't a ground-based city, the basement of the city is built on stilts, and that's the reason why it's sinking), so that shit happens when rain and winds from the south "push" the sea towards the city, it's unavoidable. There's a project named "Mose" (, which consists of barricades built in the sea which will be lifted in this situations, but it's still under construction. And BTW, i think that people that swims in that water are probabily tourists: i can assure that no one who's living in Venice or near there would ever think about willingly diving into that water…

    • truth

      Ah, you answered a question I posed in a comment above. I figured that water was filthy and yet we had pictures of people swimming in it. I didn't think about the tourists. Beautiful city, btw.

    • TheSimonizer

      Yeah that's all what I could think watching these pictures lol. I've heard Venice had some of the dirtiest water around..



  • Bob

    And not a single fuck was given

  • thenomadadventures

    I was there years ago and I can't even imagine the city like this….gotta time it right to visit when it's flooding next time for a different experience

    #9 #17 – and you gotta wonder how many people are walking along the walkways, then just step too far to the right and drop off into the canals….

    • TheSimonizer

      If you went to Venice.. then you know the water there is fucking disgusting. Nobody in their sane mind would swim in it.

  • Meertnnn

    been here about six times… such a pitty..

    • drama much?

      what's the pity?

      • Meertnnn

        The fact that beside the ´roads´ now the sidesteps are flooded to and it´s not sertain they can restore it to what it used to be

  • Guest

    I've been to Venice, it's a beautiful city, but I would not go into that water.

  • 29er

    #5 This is a great picture of many people not taking the opportunity to enjoy it all. Bravo, you one stranger on the right. Bravo!

  • PianoFingers

    It has been ranked as in the top 5 of sure ways to get infections: Swimming in the Venice canals. I wouldn't do it for money.

  • everett w.

    Looks like The people just take it in stride and live with it. I think its called going with the flow. Besides why get all stressed out over it, the water was not over the bridge yet! Or is it, That's water over the bridge?

    When my little town flooded they closed the roads and the bridges coming and going. Then told everyone to move to higher ground. I said like YA !! As soon as I see some.

  • Fappy McFapperson

    #1 that water has to be infested with every disease under the sun

  • Guest

    #19 anybody?

    • Humplestillskin

      Yes I would hit it. MOAR!!!!!

  • Austin

    And now you have Hep A…

  • Jcvajdak

    Mmmm sewage

  • caait_e

    someday, i hope to be as happy as this man looks: kayaking through my city

  • jared

    all these pics were on yahoo a few days ago, i saw the first pic and was wondering why chive did not have that pic yet, th

  • American Traveler

    I have been to Venice two times in the past three years. I have to say it is the most amazing place I could imagine. I have such fond memories of it. Going for a run at 5am and being the only person in the square is something I wish everyone could do. To people saying the local Venetians are ignorant and mean, boy are you wrong. I bought my father a map of Venice from an old printing press, ended up having a tea with the store owner and hearing in great detail about all the troubles in building the Rialto Bridge. I hope to have the good fortune to go back to this lovely place, and I hope all good Chivers get to as well. Enjoy the World, and enjoy the Locals. Show some interest in their lives and you will be rewarded with kindness and in some cases a nice cup of homemade tea and 45 minutes of history. KCCO and enjoy every minute!

    • bh shavior

      I shave my b-hole

  • DatVeronicaVaughn

    I hope no one drops a hairdryer…

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