Captioned photos make the internet go round (31 Photos)

  • Swizzle dick

    #29 Jax from SOA retarded son?

    • whos.mike

      Hijacking this to pay awe to the warty frog fish in picture #1. Fuckers are anywhere for $600-$1200 each. It matters if you can get them the day they come in and u can buy directly from the supplier's supplier. They are animals that can match any color in that tank and the look exactly like rocks. Bastards are hard to find during feeding when you have a REEL coral reef. If you have a decent size one, it can take up to an hour to find him. And yes they are salt water, but are very happy with eating goldfish (which aren't salt). So u have to find him, put a gold fish on a pair of tongues and place it directly in front of him. He will eat around nine a day. You do this so they don't eat anything else in the community, especially the foxface fish that I bought for $350. He wasn't an hour into the tank before he seen the Warty Frog Fish and took interest, about two minutes later I was prying them apart due to the fact the new fish was definitely not going to fit into that bastards stomach and that fox faced fish has poisonous spikes up and down his back. If they didn't flatten out it would have killed the more expensive fish. They learned their lessons after that. But that fucking fish would walk around the tanks and the fully stocked reef and hang upside down and then match the color of what rock he was on. It's even more fun when u r feeding him the gold fish and he burps out scales after each one he snatches whole.

      • Let's see...

        Turns out he's a dickhead. Mike is a dickhead.

      • ps86


      • Dude? Sweet

        Cool story, bro.

      • Donkey Punch

        This fish is very important to him.

      • Peasoupdoughboy

        So, I'm confused, how do you get the goldfish on the tongues?

    • Josh

      100% haha

  • baddbuzz

    #14 What do you mean we can't land in denver?

    • mike

      redefines Rocky Mountain High

      • JAG

        Shit, this was Seattle last year

  • MylesofStyles

    #11 I had to adjust the contrast on my screen to get this one.

    • Jabs78

      I bet she gets stood on a few times.

      • Livin' Legend

        In person, I bet there would be a significant amount of glare, and she's actually making the sand whiter by reflection.

    • the credible hulk

      zero to sunburn in 10 seconds

  • rob

    The dog looks better than the maid he banged

    • rob

      Crap hit the wrong key

    • rico


    • 40 creek whiskey

      Dammit Rob, you had one job to do.

    • Donkey Punch

      Are you telling me Arnold banged a fucking fish? Don't tell Mike ^^^. He's going to be very upset.

  • Brandon

    #16 Made in China?

    • a-nom

      Nope, Alabama…

      • NoodlumNad

        Nope, Poland

        • Dr_StrangePants

          Nope, Ocean's 11

  • pshhh

    ROFL at #31

  • childishgambino

    i can't not read it like Morgan Freeman!!!

    • Danno

      #12 You're welcome

  • Littlet

    #11 and #19 – why did i laugh so much!

  • rachelj


    • davo

      you will never touch any

  • Corey


    So true.

    • Livin' Legend

      The theory also holds true for empty aisles at the grocery store.

    • YOYO

      happend to me today

      • socket2me

        I just held a huge one in in the elevator just in case the hot HR lady got in

  • Lil bane

    #23 why is there a light switch in the van?

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      To turn the lights on and off.

      • @coralmonster

        LMAO Win @AnyoneforCoffee. funniest thing about this whole post.

    • jreddy23

      disco ball and strobe light

    • Pete

      Switching it actually makes the dim van interior even darker, crushing their hope and spirit. Speeds up the denial to acceptance process…

      • testudo321

        You seem to know too much about this stuff……..

    • Lazy Jake

      is this picture from a movie? i feel like i've seen this before.

      • Lazy Jake

        is this from "Funny Games"? that's a fucccccckkkkkked up movie.

        • Lazy Jake

          yup, i just confirmed it for myself. DO NOT watch this movie, it's a downer.

    • Jason

      In such bad taste

  • ImALoserBaby


    he probably should've gotten a tan too.

    • SmokeyTheBear

      He's the only one who is truly comfortable with himself.

    • Hank Hill

      Or a tan tattoo?

    • reclaimer

      he must have lost a bet or something.

    • Lazy Jake

      think about this… who do you think is catching the judges eyes?

  • Hrdwood

    #14 The photographer was awfully high when he took this shot…

  • that guy

    Im diggin' my photo…#3

  • Spiderpig615

    #19 Must of missed that episode……

    • George Zip

      Sad part is I can't read it without hearing his voice.

    • John80


    • smallchinaman

      Another episode you may have missed is the one where Gary the Snail raps. It is on Youtube, so you can still catch it.

    • MonkeyMadness

      *Must have. For the love of God, MUST HAVE.

  • sfb101

    #24 Oh so true.

  • D.C

    More caption posts! #2 #4

  • Harry Longbahls Jr

    #27 Because chile rape is so funny…you fucking inconsiderate pricks!!!

    • Matt

      Yes, Chile rape.

    • TFred

      Chile rape is no laughing matter. If a burning sensation last for more than 6 hours you should seek medical aid

    • NeoH831

      Wait, someone has been raping the nation of Chile…?

      …but seriously…too soon, like by a good 20 years.

      Not proud chive, not proud

    • Hrdwood

      Chile rape is never funny… those hot peppers burn like a bitch…

    • megaloroy

      It's never funny when a chile gets raped

      • Donny

        Actually the limit is 10 years bud, South Park already explained it, and I'm going to hell cause I laughed.

        • ImALoserBaby

          i'll see you there.

          • testudo321

            I'll keep our Bud Light warm…

            • 40 creek whiskey

              That's Bud Light Lime….

    • SmokeyTheBear

      Get over yourselves…

    • Derp

      How many children go to penn state?

      • bczu

        Hundreds visited through the program Sandusky ran. Idiot…

        • Jawbone

          Jesus Harry, what crawled up your ass?!?! (And climaxed there)

        • alex

          So children are playing football for Penn State?

          • Toby


    • joe

      I laughed, but please leave the minera alone.

    • heywood jablome

      too soon?

      • Anonymous

        I won't lie, i didn't get the joke until i saw this comment and the reread it.

  • xjrich

    #9 cracked me up

  • DDD

    #2 are you calling the Maids bitch again

  • crusher44x

    #18 I think I woke my roommate up from a nap… That's friggen hillarious!!

    • JSJ

      That's some scary fucking shit right there! Hippos are monsters!

    • George Zip

      Scary in real life, but I laughed my ass off the first time I saw this one.

    • 40 creek whiskey

      I wonder if there is video of that, or at least a .gif

  • ibleedgreenngold

    #14 It's about time

  • Del

    #8 go home giraffe your drunk

    • 40 creek whiskey

      Your over used lame ass comment is well……Over used and lame ass.

  • SuperDanMan4290

    #12 – It Worked…. O.o?



  • Bob

    #23 and #27 – not funny. Not funny at all. Grow up.

    • McBeastie666

      Yes, because if these captions were never created, we could have ended molestation around the world. You grow up.

    • reclaimer

      take the dildo out of your butt and get a sense of humor. its not like you were raped. grow the fuck up bob.

      • Mackin

        How do we know if Bob was raped or not? The people I know who were raped as kids don't really go around introducing themselves as such, and since all you know about "Bob" is his name is "Bob" and he doesn't like child rape jokes. (Actually I think 27 is a rape joke, and 23 is more of a rape reference.)

        It's one thing to argue that rape jokes can be funny, or are funny, or have a right to be here, it's another thing to assume information you can't possibly know.

        • Jawbone

          Jesus Mackin, someone fucked you extra hard.

        • _IT

          What if you're a raping clown?

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