Captioned photos make the internet go round (31 Photos)

  • JawZ911

    #18 What a brave man!!

  • zackgonick

    #4 thechive has been killing it today!

  • Dyquen

    #12 Had me dying of laughter before I even got to the bottom of it.
    #11 Is just wrong… so wrong…. HAHAHAHAHA

  • Mike

    Loved it, laughed for quite some time.

  • Nicnac

    #23 and #27 … interesting agenda there Chive…

  • Gallus

    I can't begin to imagine how dangerous #18 is.

  • Falthor

    #11 holy crap. I've seen that picture at least 6 times and that is the first time I noticed the second chick…

  • Iceman2509

    #21 I hope this is fake. Holy crap.

  • Murph

    Lies. It is really Chivettes who make the internet go round…

  • guesst

    #12 AWSOME

  • Emarric

    I read #12 in my normal voice. Until "good luck" that was done to the effect of Taken.

  • Steve_French

    Can't tell if Chunk or Obama is the better photobomb in #2…

  • Joey Jo Jo

    Number 14 is London.

    • guest


  • kmotamed

    #18… LOL

  • Paul

    #13 It won't be cool later when you realize the damage he did to you.

    • guest

      Ignorance is bliss

    • PartyMarty

      Yeah it's gonna suck having universal access to healthcare and a functioning automobile industry.

      We should really be cutting Papa John's taxes. For freedumz.

      Sorry your guy lost. Buck up, friend.

      • Ivan

        Yeah, for freedumz… Hope that healthcare and auto industry thing works out for ya. Really, I do. We'll see in a couple of years if it was our guy that lost, or the whole country.

    • Gross Toasties

      The election's over. Please change the channel…

  • Dave

    #13 20 years from now you won't believe how your parents died from hanging out so long waiting on a dr. to see them.

    • PartyMarty

      As opposed to dying from hanging out so long NOT waiting for a doctor because they had no insurance?

      • Ivan

        You get what you pay for… unless of course, it's tax-payer government funded and run by the same folks that run DMV. So, yes, it is opposed to dying from hanging out so long NOT waiting for a doctor because they had no insurance… by their OWN choice. Wait, there's that freedumz thing again… I forgot, socialists don't really care about "freedumz".

  • Bryan

    #18, #21, #24 Hahahahaha!!!

  • Marz

    #11 Is gonna get so burned! As a pale Irish Gal I'd never sit out in the sun. Ever. Bad Idea. Not that there's ever any sun here! 😛

  • Mari

    #12 I have a superpower, I can resist reading in Morgan Freeman's voice

  • Guest

    In bad taste. Not really something to laugh at or trivialize. Plus the kid crying looks pretty tragic. After you have kids, it's never funny to see unhappy or suffering kids. Still can't watch Criminal minds.

  • heywood jablome

    #27 too soon? naw…

  • Gross Toasties

    What if you're raping a hand puppet?

  • Canucks_Rule

    #27 – ROFL!!

  • Alexander

    #15 Why Chive Why did you tell me it was Robin 😥

    • AAG

      wait a minute Robin cant have kids =)

  • Guest

    Idiot. Only Sel used it wrongly. 40CW was correct. Now who stupid?

    • MonkeyMadness

      Did I say both used it wrong? I just said they're both stupid. Now you go home too!

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