Hot Right Now: ‘Facts and Chicks’ is the most informative eye candy there is (30 Photos)

I have it on good authority that redheads are the key to achieving peace on earth (40 Photos)

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Don’t ask me how? Don’t ask me why?

  • sadf

    #22 looks like Leanna Decker, #27 may be camille crimson.

  • zcerie

    I think #24 is Katherine Isabelle

  • Ant_Drums_UK

    It's about time we saw Olivia Hallinan in here.

  • Jeremy Jaskiewicz

    #31 is absolutely beautiful… who is she?

  • Alaskamatt

    #22 and #27 you may please each other and then pleasure me wtf is it about redheads that makes me so hard

  • Pat

    The best sex I ever had was with a redhead!

  • BDB

    #8 stunning

  • @TheGreenMalice

    #13 and #18 MOAR please.

  • freezer boy

    #1,#4,#10,#37,#41. Excuse me for a second I gotta beat this thing against the toilet seat.

  • aaron

    #10 and #14 for the win

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