I openly concede that this girl could whoop my ass (30 Photos)


  • DjJazzyJeff

    Huge effort still has to diet like crazy,,,,,,,… But In 20 years when u r off the sauce pics will look different

  • Butterface

    Great bod but it's face looks like 40km of Saskatchewan highway, not for me

  • long

    man… I need to hit the gym

  • http://www.facebook.com/brian.johnson.14661261 Brian Johnson

    I would say she could get it, but let's be real I would get it and get it hard

  • Rude

    What's up with her huge unporportioned head?

  • adMANistrator

    "Hey boy! You look mighty cute in them jeans. Why don't you come on over here now…"

  • Trippledizzle

    we have some hateful people on here. Lay off, she's doing what she wants.

  • dedertwat

    You'd probably need a sander and some tung oil to dent that woman.

  • GodsLatestGift

    Why would any woman want to look like this?

  • dwertertwat

    You'd probably need a sander and some tung oil to dent that shit.

  • cubbies

    yeah if you're into thumb clits

  • Markito

    so nasty!

  • dfasdf

    Just because you guys CAN post anything, doesn't mean you should.

  • Sam

    I wouldn't wanna mess with her, she wears underwear with dick holes in em!

  • jay

    Not Hot…not feminine….what are you trying to prove again?

  • Jaydawg

    My man-boobs are bigger!

  • jOb

    Dude looks like a lady!!!

  • futurama fry

    You know Sweden has some amazing female soccer fans, just saying


    I like my girls squishy.

  • Kato

    #11 Bro, do you even lift?

  • JustTrollin

    Congrats for what she won, but I'm sorry to say, that's just not right.

  • SemperFi

    Why does a Swedish Bodybuilder scary chick have a longer post then the COTW?

  • nbree

    Not even with Paula's dick.

  • @Ifeedemlead

    No Hips, No Ass… I'm good. I did however, consider the quality of the Vag, because she is in excellent shape!

  • Bob

    NOT sexy unless you like manly girls

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