Tugging on their clothes and even harder on my heart (48 Photos)

  • wkdfrog

    #11 FTW!

    • dude 2

      No joke! Name, now please…

      • jimoneah

        Denise Carlye – NSFW – hot but beware…the nipples may disappoint you

        • say what?

          U crazy

    • lucid_eye

      Holy hell I am still staring at this picture as I type

  • AB

    Well…there goes any hope of productivity today.

    • SOhioChiver


    • longshot421

      Yup. Pretty much done for the day.

  • jdg

    Girls tugging makes me want to tug


    #12 Welcome back 'Super Girl',#20 perfect, #22 Damn girl you're petite and lean.

    • SOhioChiver

      #22 Nice little GAP there honeypot

    • yehlsg

      #12 dominated. Damn, supergirl.

    • Ron

      #12 holy crap that last picture. CAN I HAS?!?

  • Victor


    • rew$ter

      #5 #16 #17 #47 #48, and a bunch moar I can't remember right now. yes yes yes

  • renochiver

    #46 my team

    • JSJ

      Who is she? Super cute!

      • safron

        went to high school with this girl

        • bob

          where? need moar

      • Ahhh Yeahhh

        Trisha Lynn from Plymouth, MN. http://thechive.com/2011/01/04/meet-5-and-7-from-

        • Ahhh Yeahh

          Sorry her name is Alex my bad. But that link is still the right one.

          • LoveBlondes

            Sweet so she's 21 by now, perfect! Hope she didn't get fat!

    • ironman

      So sexy

    • lilguy

      Alex huh…Need a last name so we can find MOAR!!!

  • true story

    but i hate it when they tug too hard

  • thrannix

    #48 Well then….

  • ...

    #12 I'm finding myself very turned on by this

    • yup

      Supergirl has mysterious ways, man. She'll turn you on like no other.

  • Bhodi

    #47 Mother of God

    • Magic Man

      sweet baby jesus!!

    • nastynate

      holy underboob

    • bdg

      WHO is this Goddess?????? #47

      • RooFeeOOO

        I only look at the comments of these posts in the hopes that someone shamefully recognizes a porn star and tells us all her name.

    • Kiki

      Those escaled quickly, num nom nom

    • me...bn

      Holy mammory mounds!!!!!

    • them aint real

      holy fake beach ball boobs

      • Rick

        Not a fan of girls letting their insecurities get the best of them either. They're too hard anyways. They're only good for show not for…. practicality yannow?

    • Thats'sNotMe

      Did no one notice that it's shopped…. look at her right elbow area… and the wallpaper under her boob.

      Sorry boys….. SHOPPED

      • Anon

        There is an elbow in this pic?? And wallpaper you say? Dont see it….

      • naaaahhh

        not to mention that claw of a hand…..her index finger is HUGE

  • moondog

    #6 AND #12 You two own me!! I am wrecked the res of the work day…

  • JSJ

    #32 I'm a blonde guy but damn!

    • Blake

      is that miley cyrus?

  • beasty


    Wow, a little more tugging and we won't have to wonder……….

  • fucked

    #43 Greatest movie of all time

    • diora-baird-fan

      I would go as far as saying the greatest tits of all time.

    • T-Bags

      What movie is this? I have a feeling I need to being seeing it soon!

      • Robert

        Accepted. It's actually kind of funny. But if you want to see her just watch Wedding Crashers or google her. Diora Baird (NSFW) You will not be sorry

  • JSJ

    #47 I wish this was a gif

  • Needlegun13

    #47 Alllmooossst!!!!!

    • SOhioChiver


  • techno_viking

    #5 I love big, floppy boobies.

    • fact

      sloppy. not good

  • Livin' Legend

    @12 Dem boobs. Dat ass. Dose lips.

    • Livin' Legend

      I mean #12

      Damn, front page faux pas.

    • 650

      ….I liked it better when we only knew what the top half/corner of her face looked like

      • RoP

        What are you talking about? Those lips are fucking SEXY

  • Murph

    And the hits just keep on comin' #12

  • iowa chiver

    #19 so fresh and so clean. me likey!

  • fucked

    #17 Never have I wanted to be a refrigerator so badly.

    • Jabs78

      Mine has a couple of steaks and a load of booze in it, and in a few hours It'll be empty. Yahoo for long weekends!!!!!

    • Capone

      what fridge?

    • Pen


    • Peasoupdoughboy

      Best one here no doubt, me likey

  • Chiver

    #3 #6 #10 those chive shirts are practically made of tissue paper, don't tug too hard!

  • dred

    #47 FTW!!! Best. Underboob. EVER!!!

    • Nbl

      Wtf looks fake tho photoshopped or something

  • Tim

    #12 One of the hottest chivettes we have EVER seen! Keep em coming!

    • KCCO

      #12 because she DESERVES 3 pictures in one post.

  • opp

    Amazing post

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