Why were bras invented again? (33 Photos)

  • boob_cuddler

    Thank you ladies. #8 is winning.

    • FunKiller

      I don't think there's any that have lost today.

    • You/me

      See girls, sometimes when it rains on holiday it is ok. Amen to rain and vests!!!!

    • chivester

      Best photo on the chive ever!

      • Fall

        #22 I'm surprised this is not on the first page. First full on bare nipple I've seen on the chive. Really beautiful girl as well.

        • tdog

          Shhhhh, they will notice and take it down!

        • Filbur


    • Tyler

      Think we have a winner


    #4,#8, #12.My my, the expectation to 'keep calm' is long gone.

  • tbjacobs

    #12 Dear god….

    • Phil

      Adrianne Curry

  • leafsfan2005

    I vote this to win the internet. #8 is the greatest photo ever. Until the next greatest one.

    • nate33uc

      #25 looks familiar. was she in the hump dar yesterday? so nice

  • Buck

    #8 is SMOKING HOT!

  • DLUVZ69

    #8 and #30 OMG!

    • MRich

      #30 Bibi Jones (pornstar)

      • Susan

        I'm always disappointed when I see people say that someone is a porn star. Love regular girl Chivettes instead.

        • bob

          Pornstars are people too.

          • Bud

            Also if you are not following her on twitter you are missing out

      • FunKiller

        "Was" a pornstar….now she's back to "dancing."

      • JLW

        And has a wonderful Twitter machine!

        • Poop Stain

          If she had as many dicks sticking out of her as she has had stuck in her she would look like a porcupine

  • donuts

    #9 very nice
    #26 looks like a fun time

    • http://twitter.com/Davieboy817 @Davieboy817

      #26 The one in the middle is mega hot

      • Kato

        The one in the middle is Emma Glover. The one on the right is Rosie Jones. Dunno who the blonde chick is. They are British Glamour models.

    • Duckhunt

      the world is full of beautiful women…. kill all the ducks

  • MylesofStyles

    #11 I never thought I'd want to see a KCCO hoody disappear so bad.

    • HOOK_the_LEGEND

      And the nibble on the lip is crippling.Admittedly,I am a weak man.

      • mopar_man

        I am also a weakling. The lip bite did it for me too.

    • justChive

      someone please get this girl a nice digital camera so we can get some HD shots!

    • TTT

      That escalated quickly

    • NorCal420


    • Northern Guy

      No. 11 is doing it right. Well done No. 11!!

    • Sean

      That booty is what did it for me. Keeping calm is really not possible at this point.

  • ThisGuySays

    #27 with the tattoos… Mmm

    • CHaoT1C

      I'm not usually much of a fan of tattoos, but those look good on her. Show us MOARRRR!!

      • long range

        dude you took the words out of my mouth.. i usually don't like girls with tattoos but this is definitely the exception.

    • me...bn


  • Guest

    #26 annoying girls with no personality

    • Fog Ducker

      Aside from the duck faces, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and say hot, goofy girlswith FLBP who like to be half naked with each other, burn bras and take pictures. My kind of girls.

    • http://twitter.com/LosSaysSwag @LosSaysSwag

      I love how you can discern all of this from one picture.

      I hope you are putting this skill to good use, Mr. Holmes.

      • theDayner

        Youre bang on Dog Fucker. You have the makings of a great detective.

  • pa'ver

    #10 for you, anything

    • Geezer

      #6 wonderful job young lady!
      #18 clean your damn room!

    • RobbyRob901

      Anything indeed broskie!

  • captainmalcolm

    Chivettes, you certainly know how to make a mans heart beat like crazy!

  • Steve

    #8. Rain rain go away come again…. Wait a minute. Rain rain stay!

    • YouTo

      Oh My God, Amazing

    • Tyler

      Put that in ur spank bank.

  • boner

    #2 #14 #21 MOOAR

    • boner

      and #5 !!!!

  • Fog Ducker

    #1 and #14 I'm very fond of the both of you. Please, do submit moar.

  • moondog

    #2 and #10 Please find me..

  • N2MotoX

    #26 How bout them apples? The phone too I guess!

    • HunterH

      moar of the middle one, but no duckface

  • SuperDanMan4290

    #11 😉



  • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

    #6 FTW.


  • http://twitter.com/LosSaysSwag @LosSaysSwag

    Let it buuuuuuurn, let it buuuuuuuuurn, gotta let it burn /Usher

    God, there are some beautiful women in this week's post.

    Don't wanna pick favorites, but #26 looks like a party I wish I was invited to.

    • lucid_eye

      I think usher was still shitting his huggies and sucking his moms dick on April 26 1992.

      • lucid_eye

        Just realized that assclown made a song by that name, I thought you were referencing the late great Bradley Nowell.

        • http://twitter.com/LosSaysSwag @LosSaysSwag

          Womp womp womp.

    • jreddy23

      Solid grouping of the UK Nuts girls…far right is Rosie Jones

    • MC_504

      Haha Los you would drop Usher on burnsday…nicely played


      • http://twitter.com/LosSaysSwag @LosSaysSwag


  • MRich

    #30 – Pornstar Bibi Jones

    #27 – im in love!! FIND HER!!! i need MOAR!!

  • Guest

    Don't wear bras and guarantee your boobs are going to sag unless they are fake like most are

    • deboh

      You Mad Bro?

    • Gonz

      Guest, you have worn out your welcome.

      • Jack Wagon

        Fake? Like your personality?

    • Guest

      Ummmmm no it's true that if you don't wear a bra your boobs will sag of course you guys know that right? No you are just douchebags that don't want random females to stop showing their goodies

      • rocklesson86

        Actually is has been confirmed by doctors that not wearing bra is better for you. That your boobs need to breathe.

        • Guest

          I'm not saying wear bras all the time but I see lots of women not wearing bras going out in public as well..maybe because they are attention chivettes..or just plain stupid..I don't know

          • Planet Earth


            • Jack Wagon

              Guest. You are a dip shit. Go home. You are drunk.

  • gbhj

    #11 You are amazing, I want you to take off that KCCO hoodie SOOOO BAD!

  • NoodlumNad

    #2 #4 #5 #25 #30 all amazing, can pick just one.

  • baddbuzz

    #12 So the chivettes can burn them for us chivers

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