Behind the scenes on set of “The Hobbit” (34 Photos)

Via Pipocaice

  • buttr

    Cannot wait for this movie!! Looks intense!

    • Levian

      honestly, I've been waiting forever for this! it was supposed to come out, what like in 2006?

    • ZachBob

      I can't help but wonder if Peter Jackson is gonna bust a George Lucas and edit in the new young Bilbo in the FotR flashback to when Bilbo finds the ring.

  • Guest

    So pumped for this!

  • bob_the_cook

    Oh. Hell. YES!

  • Needlegun13

    So awesome – I can't wait!!!

  • @Davieboy817

    #12 Frodo?

    • Just Sayin

      Yup Frodo. AND old Bilbo. Whole thing is set as a flashback tale; Bilbo recounting his adventure to Frodo.

      • @Davieboy817

        Sweet. Sound cool. Thanks for the info mate.

  • MikeG01SF

    Excuse me as i clean up my nerdgasm

  • Help

    Looks pretty good..

    On another note, I need your help Chivers. Where can I find the Erin Young pics before she went to Europe. There was a pic of her in a red thong with a heart at the top where the strings meet that I'd love to find. I think it was in the DAR. Thanks in advance.

    • chiver

      You're weird.

      • Mr.ha

        To catch a predator.

    • Livin' Legend

      Mind telling me what you're doing here?

      Have a seat.

  • chron247

    #1 Hobbit… it's what's for dinner!

    • LeftFlasherOn

      A thumb down for a witty remark? I thumb you back to par.

      • LeftFlasherOn

        Doh! Clicked the wrong one.

    • stupidhead

      yeah… not Hobbits those are Dwarves…

      • ScientificBoink

        …and 1 for actual knowledge of the story, assuming it's the troll scene and not something new.

  • johnq

    What did Gandalf write on Bilbo's door to tell the Dwarves to go there……oh yeah……KEEP CALM AND CHIVE ON FOR TREASURE!!!!!!!!

  • PeyKonzloas
  • Daith_Lee

    #12 man…Peter Jackson looks more like hobbit height in this pic than the actor…

  • Ur Probably Racist

    Wow look at all of those Africans. Oh wait.

    • Vampirate

      Why would their be any Africans in a fictional universe based on ancient British and Nordic folklore? It's like complaining that there aren't any Australian Aborigines in movies set in ancient China…

      • KRS1

        Double standard, racism isn't applicable for white people. That's why RDJ's character in tropic thunder was considered insulting, but not White Chicks. This inadvertently reinforces racism, because it insinuates that whites are the norm and don't need protection

  • Badger

    #13 MMmmm…Cate Blanchett. I'd pay $9 to see any movie with her in it–even if she did nothing more than sit in a chair wearing a mu mu and eating potato chips for two hours.

    • DaBigMachine

      When in the Hell did George Lucas start doing make up?!

      • Pezski

        I thought it was Mr Deity…

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  • Hara

    Wait… Dwarves don't eat salad…

  • Ima Whore

    you can and do lilly on your back

  • Murph

    #25 There's no way PJ doesn't have a little hobbit in his lineage.

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  • FoolOfATook

    So damn excited for this movie, and the next two!

  • The Dude

    Can't wait to see this in the theaters, hhiiiggghhh as mother

  • John


    • Lauren

      Yes? How may we help you?

    • KRS1

      Geek culture (including lotr, the hobbit, avengers, etc.) is now mainstream. Calling someone a "nerd" isn't really a massive insult anymore

  • A BiPolar Guy

    I wish that deep in my heart I knew these places were real and someday I might yet sail a ship to the true west as one could before the world was changed. I want to believe!

  • geo

    Dildo Shaggins

  • Jon

    Picture #1
    um… the Dwarves and Bilbo were never roasted over the fire; in the book they were put in sacks as the trolls could not decide how to cook them and also why is Radagast in the film it does not make sense

    • John

      Supposedly, these films will include more than was in he book, including some stories from Silmarillion that lead up to LOTR. That doesn't explain roasting, but might explain Radagast.

    • cjohnson

      maybe it's a cutaway as the trolls are talking about it and we get to see it

    • Anna-Kin

      You need to read The Silmarillion since a lot of what happens at the same time as the hobbit can be found in that book. Otherwise you'll be even more confused! ^__^

      • Jon

        Ive read the Silmarillion though and the Unfinished tales and Radaghast rarely gets mentioned; he only has a few lines in LOTR, granted in unfinished tales it gives a good explanations of why Gandalf chose to use Bilbo which is funny. Ehh… I am a book worm i only like adaptations that stick extremely closely to the book itself oh well 😛

  • April C.

    …why can't they make prosthetics look like real feet then?

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