• dragon2777

    He did a great job of having fun with the new toy and was able to find and pounce on it really well. Good job kitty.

  • Brett

    Thank you for seeing past little Oskar's challenges and giving him a good home full of love and toys! He doesn't know he is different… just knows he is a kitty with people who love him. Chive On and thank you for being so kind!

  • Chivette

    Beautiful video. Thank you (whoever this pets owner is) for adopting this lil fella. Animals with disabilities are hard to find homes for and those that are willing to take on their challenges and give them a better life, deserves an applause. My cat was born with only 3 legs but got around better than most animals and was awesome, she lived to be 14 :). KCCO

  • http://twitter.com/Violaceousgirl @Violaceousgirl

    i am literally about to cry. that is so cute and inspiring.

  • 617Chiver

    I can't express how happy this video just made me. So damn happy…I just wish they would stop chopping onions in here.

  • sfb101

    My hat goes off to the people that adopted him. You are great people, the world need more like you.
    Now go get me a tissue…

  • Nick

    Jeez… some dust must've gotten in my eyes while I was watching this. Chive on, Kitty.

  • Hank Hill

    I'm not even a cat person and I'm cryin.

  • ImpressMe

    Awwws and tears… God bless those people who adopted little Oskar… made my day better too.

  • Chronuss

    I'm a grown ass man!!! Now…can somebody please hunt down the ninjas that are chopping onions behind me..? Faith in humanity restored.

  • Thomas

    Awww. Poor guy. Glad to see nothing will ever slow him down! Chive on Oskar!!

  • Adam

    Amazing, absolutely amazing!!! I was having a terrible day and that completely turned that around! Chive on Oskar!!!

  • Guibombe

    Faith in humanity: Restored!

  • Imperator

    It's dusty in here… unsure why this is making me so emotional.

  • Figgy

    Even a blind kitten can bring some much love to all that watches, Rock steady and Rock on little one!! Thank you for taking Oskar in and giving him a wonderful life…

  • https://www.facebook.com/ajfer88 Aj Ferrer

    Helen Kitler

  • http://twitter.com/aModelsMemo4u @aModelsMemo4u

    I laughed… Then i cried. Its so nice to see that kitten in such a loving home ❤ and having a great time. Love this! 🙂

  • brajette

    Chive: making hot men cry over kittens since November 2012. Love it! I teared up watching it too, but will blame that on the estrogen 😉

  • Livin' Legend

    I really don't think that kitten is at too much of a disadvantage. Look at the way he never bashes into the wall when chasing his toy. I'm sure that's mostly just having to rely on his hearing, but I'm sure his whiskers have a lot to do with it as well. In a reasonably safe environment he can memorize, he'll probably live a long and happy life.

  • ridsy13


  • TMzzz

    awesome post dude! Thanks! made my day!

  • Pete


  • Adam Warlock

    That is so adorable.

    I adopted a rescue cat a couple of years ago. My friend was looking to adopt a cat so we went on Kijiji (Kind'a like a sane Craigslist) and jotted down some homes that no longer wanted their cat. I was only driving her around to look at cats. I didn't want a pet, wasn't looking for a pet, but we went to one house and I was appalled at the conditions this cat lived in. They couldn't even find him when we went there.After dropping my friend off with her new cat I immediately went back to their house and asked to see their cat. The deal was done even before I saw him, it was that bad. It took them 15 minutes to locate and scare him out of his hiding place. I took him home and saw that he drooled a lot. When onto the net and found out that excessive drooling is caused by stress and/or being taken away from his mother too soon. It took him about 5 days to feel confident enough to come out and check me out. (I'd left him alone and let him decide when he felt safe.) At first he was all nervous but I planned to treat him like I was his mother. He was only 1 when I got him but my plan worked like a charm and he hardly leaves my side. (As a matter of fact he is bugging me right now as I am typing this. This is one decision, in my life, I've never regretted.

  • 5280Blazin

    Absolutely incredible how well that cat can see with his ears. You almost can't tell he is blind. Reminds me of that Stan Lee super human who is blind but can see with clicks like a bat. Mother nature amazes the shit out of me sometimes.

  • Canucks_Rule

    not a cat fan, but this is cute.

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