Honestly, who approved these construction plans? (29 Photos)

I’ll give the builders a gold star for their effort. However, they need to sit in a corner and think about what they did….

  • Will I am

    #1 is and ADA thing. As an engineer i can promise you that the architects screw that up all the time. the architectural intern said ADA makes his like a living hell, but he has no idea what architects do to engineers. Engineers deal in math, architects in pretty lines that most of the time have no bearing on the real world. Rest assured that the rest of the FUBAR pictures are straight from an architects plan set!

    • c-dub

      I’m a licensed architect and a licensed engineer, so I’ve seen both sides of the coin. I’ve worked with lousy architects and lousy engineers – neither profession has a monopoly on stupidity. The one thing I can say for sure is that any engineer who thinks that architects just “deal in pretty lines” is either inexperienced or willfully ignorant. Most engineers would flop over dead if they had to deal with the broad scope of problems architects handle every day.

  • Nobistik
  • The Lazy Bean

    #22 Jeep wrangler parking only.

  • Simon

    #24. Bob, if you can't be bothered to orient the pictures correctly why should anybody visit this site? I may be woefully wrong, and if this is truly sideways I apologise and play my confused dog head card. Otherwise what the hell?

    Some of these are obviously construction temporaries. Some of these are maybe genuine mistakes. The others are down to living in a country that adapts to progress and change. Where I am there are doors all over the shop.

  • Jeff


  • Shopped

    #29 is shopped. The curtains would be hanging down – not at an angle.

    • bsci@au

      Thank you. I was going to post the same thing.

  • elric619

    #25… I will lorter if i want to and there is nothing you can do abouts it.

  • why not?


  • jacobsvoice

    Don't blame the planners on #1. The ramp on the left is too steep to meet the ADA code.. 1 inch or height for 1 foot of run. I'm sure they were required to put in the longer ramp.

  • SlowNSteady


  • jim bob

    #19 a solution for morning wood and needing to pee.

  • Ugo

    #26 is totally normal. It could be a storage for an airplane… right? … I mean…

  • chron247

    #5 Apparently this was created before the "double roll"

  • PGH_Chiver_Matt


    Obviously the railing broke free from it's mounts, the only one remaining intact being the center one

  • Craig

    #28 is just a broken railing, fail.

  • joshua

    #19 Challenge accepted!

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  • Chaosd

    I really want to turn that escalator on.

  • Alby

    #17 That escalated nowhere

  • curmudgeon


    Obviously intentional. Suspect the photo cropped out of context.

  • Slendy

    #18 That is my bathroom…..

  • Guest

    #1 – Ramp on left is not ADA compliant which required ramp to be installed on right.

    #2 The cage is to prevent damage to the camera. You can see there is a circular shape on the side to allow for unobstructed view. Chances are the camera can be re-positioned remotely.

    #4 Either an incomplete installation of new windows into a wall or installation of faux windows.

    #6 Condition of ground suggest there was a structure which accessed this door at one point.

    #11 Color of brick below the second story door indicates there was a structure attached there at one point.

    #17 Most likely taken during the middle of a job. Wall constructed to prevent access to construction area.

    #21 Door could lead to utility cabinet that is not needed access frequently. Requiring special equipment reduces chances of tampering.

    #25 Door obviously bricked in but stairs not removed as they can still be utilized for sitting. Not uncommon. Clearly a typo on Loitering.

    #26 Shed most placed on top to save space and allow access to doors underneath. Material, if any, inside likely not needed on any kind of regular basis.

    #29 Crooked window intentional.

  • skuz

    #22 is truck parking cause we got ground clearance bitches

  • peepoop

    #19 – Challenge Accepted

  • Heath

    Bob the builder…… WTF man how much did you somke

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