Sometimes parenting needs to come with training wheels (33 Photos)

  • 29er

    #28 GO WISCONSIN!! Love spotted cow!

    • Stinky Dog

      Two Women and Fat Squirrel are also really, really good! Actually, everything from New Glarus is good.

      • 29er

        I agree, Moon Man is another and I don't really care for IPAs. New Glarus is just amazing.

      • KBCool

        Definitely some of my favorite beers!

    • rob

      Bunch of Drunken Sconnies!

      • cww

        Its the best thing to do here when the snow flies..and when it melts.

    • jason

      moon man is much better

    • Not_Today85

      One of my best memories ever is tailgating at Lambeau drinking Spotted Cow for hours before hand. This is from a Vikings fan, and the Vikings didn't even play that day.

    • WesternWIChiver

      Spotted Cow is great beer and so is a lot of their other beer. New Glarus is doing it right.

    • aubrey

      If you haven't had Spotted Cow you're missing out. Chive On from a Wisconsin Chivette!!

    • kath

      Spotted Cow is amazing.. and I agree. GO WISCONSIN!!!!

      • baddbuzz

        New Glarus brewery tour is a good time also, Plus you get a couple free sample tap beers to try and unfortunately my parents tried most of these on me except the stripper pole dances . . . Ha !

    • Baboocole

      I grew up in New Glarus…looks like mom finally sold my play pen.

      • Jadams

        Had spotter cow on my way through North Dakota I think, it was good!! I had a few, chive on from Canada!

  • 29er

    #7 Unfortunately, a lot of parents would rather look at technology than their kids. It's sad. I'm glad my parents actually played with me outside, and gave me their attention.

    • Chiver_Sammy

      Maybe the baby was cold…I know laptops give off a lot of heat…

    • Ugo

      Yes, or maybe the baby was cold dead, so instead of just throwing it in the garbage, it could be use as a laptop support…just recycling stuff. You got to be green.

    • Charley

      I know where this is, wish i could blow it up to see who it is.

  • nodon

    #22 – it's a bitch. (the tattoo, not the girls – sheesh). Or maybe she got a schwarma tattoo

    • 29er

      Or maybe she really liked Dharma and Greg and has Greg on the other leg.

    • Andy Valentine

      Maybe she just loves the ARMA games? £10 says her other thigh has DAYZ on it.

    • Chris

      Her other leg probably says geddon

      • Cassandra Boulanger

        My money is on it saying Karma

        • Geezer

          #11 #22 #31 look! Mommy is showing me how to be a tramp just like her! Next she is going to show me how to take a big fat dick in the ass by the man that just payed her money! Mothers of the year

  • juice66

    I cringe every time these get put up

    • Guest

      You need to relax. Kids will be fine. I raised mine with a lovig hand and lots of freedom. Both in University

      • asdf

        um yeah, but did you raise them by bungy strapping them onto the back of an ATV or a motorcycle?
        #5 #9

        I mean come on. those kids should seriously be taken away for their own safety. Totally cringe worthy.

        • @z0phi3l

          Psh that's safer than what most of us in our late 30's to mid 40's ever did or had done to us, and we managed to grow up into confident productive members of society

          • gmx

            You're productive? You're a freaking troll!

  • 29er

    #20 This might be a problem….

    • Darwin's Choice

      these are the fuckin idiots who voted for Obama

      • Damien Loki

        This picture and indeed this post has NOTHING to do with your president

        This just one retard screwing up his kid

        Piss off you butthurt republican cunt

        • Cassandra Boulanger

          Better than a God damn Mormon president. I'll keep my guns and birth control thanks

          • someAFguy

            Haha "God damn Mormon president"….

          • ...

            Lets fuck and the hit the shooting range after? 🙂

          • mynameis

            Cassandra it's obvious you drank the kool aid! Current president is trying desperately to take our guns so do us all a favor drink more kool aid keep the change and get back in the kitchen!

            • Cassandra Boulanger

              Why KoolAid? better than going after both things and trying to mix that awful religion in. the mormons I went to school with were weird as hell…like home school meets a cult weird.


                Cassandra you sound so educated putting down a whole entire religion because of one person you know. Why don't you do us all a favor and stop speaking.

                • Idk

                  What I find funny is of the two things she mentioned one is supported by democrats and the other by republicans. What I find even funnier is that she and millions of other actually believe there is a difference between the two parties. There are talking points like drugs laws, immigration, abortion, and guns but really those are just there to distract people who are foolish enough to believe that there's a difference and that both parties are being controlled by the same special interest groups. Regardless of who got elected the same people would be pulling their puppet strings, Romney was just more transparent about being a puppet.

              • LLL

                So brainwashing is better than believing in God? Yep, you're cool. Thumbs up all the way. [/sarcasm]

              • Dan

                Look up Jim Jones.

            • Number 6

              "You drank the Kool aid" seems to be the default when someone does not have a cogent argument. The Peoples Temple vs Mormon reference is ironic. Politics and The Chive goes together about as well as religion and government..

          • LLL

            Because if Romney became president suddenly the country wouldn't be allowed to sell birth control? 🙄

      • Dennis

        You morons will try to blame everything on Obama.
        You LOST! Get over it!
        If you want to know why you lost, look in the mirror.
        Romney and his msg only appealed to people like you.
        Thankfully there aren't enough of you to do any damage.
        Now crawl back under your rock.

        • LLL

          But, it's okay for Obama to blame Republicans (and mostly Bush) for everything, right?

      • piss off

        honestly looks to me as if this guy would vote for Romney, cause hes a looser buahahahahahahaha

        • B!!!

          -fart noise- more interesting than your reply

    • Jameson

      This makes me sad for the world. This parent should never have kids.

    • Ears

      Right? Do you know how many touch ups this kid is gonna need?? Inconsiderate parents man.

      • Jack Wagon

        This fuck needs to spend around 10 yrs in the slammer for child abuse

    • jessica

      hope the chive calls child service on him . asap

    • Droopy

      I wish I could grab that tattoo gun and put what ever I want on that moron, he should be in jail for that shit!

    • Theresia

      Does anyone REALLY believe he is tattooing an infant? Holy shit! Common sense..

  • Justin Gresham

    Wow. I hope the poster didn't find these funny. These are fucked up.

    • Guest

      Dude, grow a set. Nothing wrong with these. Kids are kids. They are all havin fun

      • Ashley

        What is your logic? Really? This is not kids being kids..should be in rooms playing Legos or outside climbing trees or something..not sliding on poles with mommy

      • Fish

        That's bullshit. Hope you don't have Kids, ya Dumbass.

    • gnocco

      someone has to raise the girls that will take off their clothes for money….

    • Jameson

      I agree. This gallery doesn't belong on the chive.

  • r1rider

    #13 – no one will mess with her!

    • JMAKK

      If she has teeth left.

      • Yak Surfer

        The screaming begins in 3…..2….1…..


      i want to see a video of you shooting a desert just like that

    • JMAKK

      I'm pretty sure that's an airsoft gun.

      • Oops

        Doesn't matter….Either way, that's not the way to fire any type of pistol.

      • Wisti

        Why in the world would they need to pay for a shooting range then? They're completely silent and wont punch through a fence so you can shoot them in a backyard anywhere

    • animal_mother

      Yeah, the recoil will give her a scar that would make her look real scary

    • Tim

      Oh I dunno, physics might take issue.

    • Giddyup

      I have a target pistol that is a .22 it has no kick but is big and heavy for balance. My 7 year old son shots it. It is similar in appearance. Kids shooting at a range is not bad parenting. It is responsible parenting. People may say it is not how to shot a pistol but they have to start somewhere. You also are only seeing a one frame picture and making a judgment call on the over all appearance.

      • JasmineBarber70

        Yea, I agree. You can't judge the situation by a single frame. Our 8 year old love going out and shooting the Benelli SuperNova tactical shotgun we have. Admittedly at first it knocked her on her ass, but now she loves it!

  • Gonz

    #18 Been there, done that. I see nothing wrong here with promoting the father – son bond through mutual refreshment.

    • @aModelsMemo4u

      Its the drinking and driving that makes it 10x worse… And the fact that a baby has no reason to be in that atmosphere. I no parents need time to themselves,dont get me wrong. But bringing a young child to a bar, is putting the baby at risk. (Bar fights, accidents, drinking and driving,etc) bonding is a great thing… But maybe in a different location :-/

      • Boogie Nights

        Jumping to conclusion is the problem with most people. Most restaurants serve beer, and obviously there is someone else there that could drive since we didn't take the picture himself. They could have even taken a cab.

  • Wood

    #20 and #22 aren't even funny…that's scary

    • rob

      I hope that kid getting a tattoo is fake and just for show.

      • JennyRae

        Every time I see a child with that expression, My heart breaks a little and I just want to comfort them.

  • LostBroncoFan

    holy crap

  • Bon_nie

    What's wrong with #11? She's not going to drop her so what's the problem?!

    • Guest

      U would say that..

      • Bon_nie

        I DID say that…..

        • Guest

          Did u like your own comment too?

        • Lyons

          Oh you're so cool.. I DID say that..what r u 13?

          • Bon_nie

            If I'm 13 what does that make you since insist on using text speak?

    • Yoselahonda

      No child needs to relive the circumstances leading to their conception.

      "Then Mommy got down from the metal pole and started to work Daddy's pole"

      • Bon_nie

        Lol well it's an interesting way to start 'the talk'…..

        • Si1entStatic

          better than if "the talk" started with mommy turning down the lights and daddy introducing her to the stage with "welcome to the jungle" playing in the background…. I mean that's how my "talk" started…

  • Dan

    #20 should get some jail time.

    • Guest

      Nope. It's just a tat. Not a crime. Get over it

      • Fuck you guest

        It's a small child. Let him get his own work done when he's old enough to decide if that's what he wants (like the rest of us). You're a douchebag.

      • Ba Durr

        cool. let me know where you are and I'll just randomly tat you however I feel like. Nope. you're not allowed to say what it is, or where it goes. You be the kid that can't talk yet, and I'll be the irresponsible parent.

        Tats are cool, and if people want to get them, I sure ain't gonna stop them; but siding with the argument that tatting someone isn't a crime on a picture of a little kid who clearly isn't having a good time (I'm sure this picture is fake, at least I hope it is) just shows how ignorant you are. sry.

        • MAchiver

          I highly doubt he's really tattooing him lighten up

      • LLL

        1. It's painful
        2. He's a baby
        3. Baby obviously doesn't like it
        4. It's torture to a baby (and to someone like me who doesn't like needles)
        Just because you'd do it yourself doesn't mean it's okay to do to a baby.

    • Oregonchive

      Actually most tattoo artists will refuse anyone under the age of 18- there have been a few cases of places being shut down as the court sees permanent skin scarification of children as child abuse- not even at 17 with parental permission. They will do piercings with parental consent as you can take them out and they heal.

      Hopefully if this is real, this guy thinking he is cool will go to jail and see how cool it is to be a child abuser.

      • Chivette

        Actually "Guest" it is a crime, possible charges being tattooing a minor or illegal tattooing (depending on the age and what state you live in). Other possible charges in this case are child abuse, child endangerment and reckless conduct,

    • Scooter Mcgavin

      Pretty sure they are just posing for a picture. If not, that dude should definitely be shut down and/or see some jail time for child abuse.

  • DJ Richy

    No wonder kids are so f*cked up these days.

  • Spudrik

    #21 money sleep on you (only if it was rubles) 😦

    • Yoselahonda

      I don't think selling Avon is gonna make it rain enough to cover a baby.

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      That photo will look nice on Mummy's/Daddy's cell wall.

  • mitch

    #23, furture Chivers

    • narrator

      Hopefully they come back to this picture in the future and take it again 20years later.

  • Peter Morak
    • SocialLubricant

      That kid probably pesters the shit out of his parents every day saying "Hang me from the hook again! Hang me from the hook again!"

    • someAFguy

      Meh. Not being a parent myself, I would like to do this to most kids I come across. Just going to put you right here until you calm down.

    • pawood

      it looks like something I would of done to my little brother when ever I had to babysit him.

    • April C.

      He probably loves it. Chill the fuck out.

    • Markpong

      I have a photo just like this, dad hung me from a hook in his woodshop (from my sweet overalls) when I was pestering him… It was just funny, no harm done.

  • Solitaire

    #1 great way to keep away the bounces.

    • Tyler

      You my friend just made me LAUGH!!!

  • @LosSaysSwag

    God, save us.

    • isaiah

      Especially from all the retarded youth that keep claiming they have swag.
      Please die

      • @LosSaysSwag

        You're trying far too hard and I'm likely older than you.

        • @z0phi3l

          That just makes you a bigger looser, way to go

          • Swagisgay

            Not surprised if one of these kids are his…

            • @LosSaysSwag

              Sorry, I don't have any illegitimate children.

          • @LosSaysSwag

            A looser, huh?

            Way to go.

  • FoolOfATook

    I have long said that you should have to get a license to have children. This post is exhibit 1 – 33.

    • Chris

      Keanu Reeves said it best in the movie Parenthood.

  • teknohillbilly

    All this, and it's gay parents who are supposedly bad for families. SMH

    • LLL

      And you can guarantee every parent in these pictures is straight?

  • blondebullsfan13

    #1 added bonus the table is made on dog crates Looks really safe…?

  • Ryan

    This is exactly why everything is so f'd up nowadays. Some of you idiots commenting how cool these pics are morals anymore

  • rob

    That thing looks real and would scare the shit out of me

  • nickolas

    Is this shit legal?

    • Guest

      Yes tattoos are legal.

    • FunKiller

      You honestly think this is real?

    • Guest_2

      You really think that guy is giving that kid a tat? I've got a bridge to sell you…

    • Chivette

      IF the photo were real to answer your question briefly, NO it is not legal.

    • Chivette

      IF the photo were real, the answer to your questions is NO.

    • oughtnot

      There was a recent case somewher in the southern US where a mother/tatoo artist put a tattoo on her 12 year old daughter (or something line that). Teachers at school saw the tat, reported it, and the mother was arrested because it is ILLEGAL to tattoo a child under the age of consent (18 years old). If this picture is real, then it is in fact ILLEGAL.

      • cher

        actally it is legal with your parents permission my best friend growing up had her first tat at 13

  • rob


    Yea, killed it with her vampire teeth

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