Sometimes parenting needs to come with training wheels (33 Photos)

  • Steve

    FINALLY! After a year of looking on this site i have found someone i know on this site. #8 is in my hometown. And the dudes little girl begs to roll his softball bag around.

    • zach

      Where is this because the guy and the place in this photo look really familiar? It looks like the fields we have here in VA where i play softball.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #10 – nothing wrong here.

  • yep

    #12, #15, #18….. been there, when you youngsters have kids you'll be there too.

  • Joanna

    #18 yup, have a picture of my husband doing the same thing

  • dhmosh

    #12 talk about multitasking

  • Notbestparenteither

    How many Chive personnel have children? Any of you? Bob, are you the best parent?…Ever?

  • Kato

    #31 Classy.

  • Gary

    Thumbs up if this was your early childhood. Gotta love older brothers!

  • mononcgus

    Been there, but haven't done that.

  • tjo55555

    These people are idiots

  • Riley

    All extrememly hilarious. Led paint n no bike helmets is the shit and look at us go!

  • mongoose5271

    Whole lotta class in these pics…geezus….

  • Dirty Apple

    #15 I'm sure of a couplke things here. First, I have no doubt that both the adult and child are having a great time. Second, I'm sure the adult thinks that they are employing the height of safety here. Lastly, though, a toddler was killed in my province last year when the ATV he was strapped to rolled crushing the child underneath it.

    Car seats were designed for cars.

  • Softball Dad

    #8 is something I can relate to and there is nothing remotely close to bad parenting going on there. Both my kids did this exact thing after every game. My daughter even had to be holding my hand as well. Those are times I miss, even if they only lasted a few minutes.

  • megan548

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  • fghhhhfhgffjhjgjghj

    Looks more like leftover rain

  • .....

    These are fucking horrible! These parents need the shit beat outta them

  • greenbleewt

    Can someone please explain to me what is wrong with pic #20? Everyone is raging about it and i don't understand??

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