There Are Sexy Chivers Among Us (108 Photos)

Due to the volume of submission, if you don't see yourself this week, check back next Friday. Stay tuned for the HQ DAR!

  • WwRGSwW

    #95 #105 #107!!! Good stuff

  • Ice Man

    #104 Stunning!

  • rgh

    #34 #99 wow, just wow

  • Ish287

    # 78 I love you

  • xeroraith

    #99 there is nothing more attractive then a fit lady

  • LambChop

    #14 if it wasn't for your threat the chive wouldn't post you due to how big your four head is

  • Nells

    #22 and #58. What is going on in the crotch area? 22 looks amazing but it looks like it is webbed.

  • Ohms

    Tough choice, but #101 is a WIN in my book

  • tora

    #14 a MILF sighting NICE, maybe you need to make a sexy MILF's among us

  • Jmafar

    #74 n #105
    Tough choice for first place

  • Milton

    #84.. We want MOOAARRR!!!! SOOO SEXXYY!! Best Chivette ever!

  • Anonymous

    #99 Fu&^ing gross! Stop it!

    #39 Now THIS is a sexy, toned tummy.

  • Andrew Hemberger

    #76 be my chivette!?!?

  • whs

    #98 bang…. no duck face

  • tjo55555

    #87 #107

  • Guest9142

    #54 all. day. long. Daamn! Can't stop looking at you!


    Over one hundred examples of narcissism…


  • JMcQuade

    #45 I think we should cuddle



  • JustTrollin

    #58 WTF?!?!?!

  • Chris

    What the hell is on her crotch?

  • Los

    Number 18 there is a air mattress in the background if I had one as pretty as u you would be sleeping in a mansion

  • Jonathan Searer

    #94 #99 holy wow. ridiculous

  • ItsMeeJv

    #10 I think I've found I've found the holy grail.

  • Oscar Antonio Hernandez Jr.

    I need a chivette like one of these in my life ❤

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