Try and round it down to one: Choose your Ride (74 Photos)

  • DubleDex

    Out of today's selection, #36 hands down.

    • Ugo

      Ah yes, the Miura, with the eyelashes headlamps…

  • IU16

    #16!!!! F1 all day!! Gotta love that new $5.5 MILLION price tag

  • Hugh

    That was easy. #4

  • beerman

    i'll take #49 then # 57 when it's cold and raining.

  • dan005


    I'll take that 1st generation nova/Chevy II (62-25) gasser over any of these other rides any day, thats a badass machine right there…

  • Patrick

    probably the most difficult choose my ride

  • Seattle

    #72 anyone else see that this crazy expensive car is on a Navy Ship…..what is uncle Sam doing with out tax money????

  • MikeB

    Drive #44 or #35

    Ride #30
    *In previously mentioned cars

  • chron247

    #42 Yes please!

  • captainobvious

    #36 With out a doubt! One of the rarest and most expensive cars in this segment!!! Timeless Classic!!!!

  • Nathan

    #57 fail. that is a California Special and whoever put the GT500 on it is a moron

    • matty

      Glad someone else noticed.

  • Ben

    What no Vipers? I would gladly take a 2010 SRT-10 Viper ACR Stage 3

  • Whoopi_G

    #48 I'll take Seb's car.

  • daz

    #11 as it's currently my wallpaper. .. & the greatest car ever built.

  • thebeast

    #68 69' mustang is the shit!

  • FNG


  • curmudgeon

    What do you mean I can only have ONE? Oh, all right, I'll take one #63 in a #54. I always get what I want.

  • Alex

    #52 best car ever!

  • nsc

    trans am camaro any aston martin shelby coupe
    would like to see a tickford capri in there

  • Riffraff

    #73 umm.. MOAR!

  • burnt


  • @scolaighe

    Car: the Morgan (54), girl #63, please

  • webbcite

    #57 and #58 Pure muscle and beauty.

  • Duaneoca

    It looks like there's a couple of inches of water on the floor of #19 and I totally want a HUD speedo/tach for my car like in #31 🙂

  • Tyler

    #10 Nostalgia factor 1million

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