Yes, there is a pole dancing championship (20 Photos)

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  • AndrewSimon

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  • PeyKonzloas
  • SandpaperHandy

    Can anyone else imagine the judges all sitting at a small table in the front with a pyramid of ones stacked on front of them? Yea yea they're not "strippers" I know. But if your daughter told you she was preparing for the "pole dancing championship" you can't tell me you wouldn't lose a couple hours of sleep.

    • Nina

      The judges are all professional pole dancers, choreographers, and other dance professionals. There is no money involved in these competitions.

  • Hazel

    #16 didn't realize pole dancing was an event on American Gladiators

  • Pikesville

    Wouldn't it suck if you were a hot girl living under a rock, and then came out and picked this as your hobby? You'd have to keep defending yourself on the internet.

  • Roseanne Barr

    I can do that.

  • mental ward

    The pole won again this year.

  • Mr.M

    Where was Jennifer Butterfly ? Why wasnt she there ?

    • chivette

      Jayne Butterfly and she is perfect in every way!

      • Nina

        Actually, Jenyne Butterfly 😉

  • marco

    Holy frik…that's awesome!!

    All the negative comments are more than likely a side effect of being fat.

  • mirou

    sometimes I think that you are dead chive, where the hell are you? nothing new from yesterday?

  • mateo

    the pole was originally placed on the stage to prevent the girls being dragged off and raped by one of you guys. A high end club doesn't have a pole on the stage.

  • | The Morning Rabbit Hole!

    […] I don’t know why pole dancing isn’t an Olympic sport – it’s way more difficult than, say, synchronized diving. But I’m just saying. […]

  • theapprentice10

    My favorite pole dance vid… Jenyne Butterfly

  • kojamoz

    Clothes??? You're doing it wrong.

  • GlitzyD

    I laugh at how these (mostly) men are making such comments to stereotype something that they wish their wives did. I will continue to have an incredible relationship with my pole because it gives me POWER. Power that I cannot achieve anywhere else. I turn heads, pitch tents, and create jealousy every where I go while KEEPING MY CLOTHES ON. How's that for respectable beauty and skill? Now, I've never set foot in a strip club, as I have little respect for women who don't work real jobs, but I'm going to assume that they can't do half the stuff that I can do. Not to mention, they don't look half as good as I do (six pack abs, baby!). So I'll take my incredible sport/hobby of empowerment and you can take your rude comments and premeditated stigma and watch me in secret awe 😉

    • tim

      None of these chicks had on clear heels.

  • chivette

    So true! I love pole dancing because it has made me strong in so many ways. My husband thinks im sexy because of it and (not to sound cocky) but i also turn heads everywhere i go. I made a comment earlier and i got some negative comments from what i believe are guys. Guys and neckbeards alike are intimidated by girls they know they will never have. I bet if they had a gf who did pole dancing, they would be bragging to all of their friends. Its sad to say, but us strong women are a rarity here and we'll get trolled.

  • gs425

    big whup…gymnastics on a vertical bar instead of a parallel bar.

  • JoeJob

    wheres the guys 😦

  • doug

    not quite what I see at my local strip club…

  • bunedoggle

    #2 #7 #9 Is there a women's championship too?

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