Soooo…. you got wasted (27 Photos)

Are you wasted? Get your shit together and send your photos to macthechive [at] gmail [dot] com.

  • SkofeALofe

    #21 It may be 9 in the morning here in Korea, but I want one of these so badly right now

    • Cody

      9 AM is about when you would be getting it… ?

  • whodat

    Go home shopping cart….

  • Steve

    #9 is weak sauce. I pulled 6 shots in a minute. I puked violently, but still… Get on my level. AA for life.

    • @scorpiontx77

      pics or it never happened troll

  • turdferguson

    #8. Like a boss..

  • Laura Rodriguez Facundo

    I am a proud sister of the goof ball that didn't drink the 8 shots in 10th minutes…….just don't let me find out!!!!!! Jock strap 🙂 love you bro for keeping it together

  • EggSauceTed

    #4 Girl in black looks like a pro!

  • @troyous8

    #25 What happens when Ke$ha decides to crash your party.

  • jamie

    #14 It's Georgia, stop taking pictures of your sister and get busy! Redneck M-Fers

  • @scorpiontx77

    nice ass on #7 but the pic looks staged.

  • ATXgal512

    #13 haha
    victim of small girl stuffed in small spaces.

  • ATXgal512

    #21 i needed this today!

  • Mike Pilo

    #9 pshhh… I remember my first drink

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  • twoedges

    #7 wrong category… they are not wasted they obviously just got done watching the last twilight movie

  • McBeastie666

    #15 – go to the light squirrel, you are dead.

  • hoobie

    #12 Awesome show!

  • tflo

    #6 krispy kreme?

  • Gallus

    #21 looks pretty darned good to me.

    So does #27 ..

  • ann

    #9 axe em!!

  • doug

    #10 upset he lost? or excited he won? either way….this escalated quickly.

    • doug

      should be #19

  • Charley

    #15…. people corrupting animals, its just so natural

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