The amazing floats of the Bloemencorso in Zundert, Netherlands (37 Photos)

Click HERE to learn more about the Bloemencorso.

  • andulamb

    #1 Grammar police here. This: "Comprised solely of volunteers these large artworks use only steel wire, cardboard, papier-mâché and Dahlia flowers" says that the floats are made up of volunteers. How about "Built solely by volunteers" or "Constructed solely by volunteers"? Thank you.

  • Timo

    Been there, done that!

  • aks76

    #15 Now that is just badass.

  • nova

    #28 should be called Inception. That's my winner if I had to pick but I wonder what it looks like to all those people on the other side. Probably not as cool :/

  • kmotamed

    #3… truly impressive!

  • ChristophersonofGray

    No matter what they use to decorate the floats with, all very impressive, including #27

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