Hot Right Now: Bent over Taylor Swift is just asking to get Photoshopped (17 Photos)

If anybody would care to explain these stock photos that’d be great (37 Photos)

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Via Awkwardstockphotos

  • Jack_LeMac

    #8 Enhance your pointing with LSD!

  • joey

    #1 he wears the cone of shame. Ooololoo. Now sit boy sit

  • ShouldBeWorkin

    #2 Just prepping the bacon. #11 Hello, Tree? Yes, this is Hipster.

  • Novalee531


    Obviously Surviving the Zombie apocolypse-like a boss

  • Melkhiordarkblade

    #12 The Spy and the Pyro had a love child.

  • curmudgeon


    Don't mind the water being cold, but why so deep?

    • Gross Toasties

      Almost impossible to fuck up that old joke. Congratulations on making it completely unfunny, douchebag.

  • lost in time

    one of the better efforts of late

  • Thrill


    French Mail Order Bride

  • BobBX542

    #13…I can't explain it, but it's pretty hot.

  • Newlimit

    #12 Phil farted again. Here is the image to help you protect against the deadly fumes. Our sincerest apologies for not being able to fire him.

  • justme

    #17 Someone get her a Bic….

  • bizarrogreg

    #36 Because who HASN'T needed to use a middle finger banana?

  • Eder

    #8 Finger-Bang.

  • UncleRoast

    This is most distrubing.

    • Gross Toasties

      Why, is it making too much noise?

  • lat297

    #1 = Anger Management?

  • KyleGamgee

    #27 is awesome

  • bisketz

    #20 is insane. As a guy that uses stock photography, what in the F would I use that for?

  • blondebullsfan13

    #5 — police budget cuts? No more Crown Vics?

  • SmokeyTheBear

    So this is what happens when the World takes Acid..

  • m.a.t.

    Is #15 Nicolas Cage?

  • mullex

    I think they just do it to make the Chive

  • megan548

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    • Gross Toasties

      If it's so good of a deal, why are you here instead of making this great money? This place is for fun and entertainment. Take your spam/scam and hit the bricks,Megho.

  • Wrench

    Only way we could get him to stop licking his balls at the board meetings! #1

  • street

    #14 Gentlemen.

  • HighClassJanitor

    #36 stick it up your corn hole!

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