It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (25 Photos)

  • Gezond eten

    WTF door #13

  • @LeDucDuSwaz

    #23 Actuall, it's more of a fox…

  • Simon

    #21 I've been so angry that I've not made a lick of sense either, if that helps?

  • blutodawg

    #19 because you're getting axe

  • Smick

    If the koolaide man were a building, oh yeaaaah!

    • Smick

      #3 starting monday off right.. Fail

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    #23 Image of the year for me!

  • Ben

    #19 is a fail because it's Axe

  • Joe

    #22. Not really soap. That a fire retardant. It depletes oxygen. If you walked throught that you would die.

    Just sayin.

  • Kenny

    #3 US Army in Vietnam…

  • Dr_StrangePants

    There's a difference?

    "Prepares for Onslaught of Teen-Rage Trolls"

  • zTom


    She's just fantasising twincest but lack the sister.

  • LO.....L

    #12 NO ITS NOT

  • jonah888

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