No adversity can conquer the strength of the human spirit (25 Photos)


  • Story

    KCCO Pedro… You're a stong mofo, keep it up!

  • Bill

    Pedro, you Sir are a Bad Ass!! Fuck a bunch of meningitis and keep chiveing on Brother.

  • GuntherSquirrel

    Wow… simply, wow…. 'nuff said

  • Charley

    Bad ass man

  • Cesar Arias Sanchez

    #21 Like a boss!!!

  • Chris

    powerful stuff!

  • AndySaximus

    Fuck meningitus

  • gmx

    You post images that ridicule and trivialize Anne Frank, and then you come up with some maudlin horseshit "no adversity can conquer the strength of the human spirit."

    • rzwq

      So you don't think he faces adversity? Anne Frank's and his misfortunes are unique, but both are tragedies nevertheless.

  • RichWinters

    the real iron man

  • Theguyinfrontofthetv

    So, what's your excuse?

  • whale huntr

    vote for pedro!

  • ChristophersonofGray

    son of a bitch – I am so forever alone and I have all my limbs, not that there is anything wrong with that :S

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