No adversity can conquer the strength of the human spirit (25 Photos)


  • Jesse

    Awesome story is awesome!

    • Decepticons

      He is ours now …

    • Manny

      His girlfriend is hot

  • Boobman

    Amazing people are amazing

  • Jim


  • JSJ

    That's awesome! Really makes you think what your thankful for.

  • @Tim_Coverdale


  • Dak


  • fgbsgb

    Fucking Awesome. Keep walking tall buddy!

  • Feroz

    Teaching us all we can overcome any obstacle!

  • aks76


  • Chiver

    Well done brotha this is amazing plus ur girl is smoken hot to !!!

  • _DoC_

    #15 No arms or legs – still gets a hotter girl than most people (including me). Please teach me your ways!

    • lookma nohandz

      must be the other prosthetic limb they don't show in the pictures works well too….

    • jugger-nuggss

      The sympathy ploy

      • _DoC_

        Whatever works. While I'm not wishing I was completely limb-less, gotta admit the thought crosses your mind which limb you would trade for a chick like that.

      • Guest

        Just goes to show how the right attitude can make all the difference. Sometimes for the better, sometimes you get jugger-nuggs…

        • jugger-nuggss

          Whatever dude. I kick ass. And take names. Not really. I'M SO LONELY!!!!! *sobs*

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Stole my thoughts.

      This picture is a wow on every front. Top man!

  • EasyE


  • pritter72

    There goes anything I have to complain about, what a great guy!

  • 29er

    #3 #6 #19 KCCO…Yeah, he knows how to.

  • bradmc14

    What an awesome dude, couldn't stop smiling as I was scrolling! KCCO!

  • TheBAMFinater

    #16 I call that winning. Good for you, KCCO

  • Frosterson

    #3 Just made my day.

  • Hey.Now.HEY.NOW.

    Hell yeah, this guy rocks. Plus, part machine! Cyborgs!

  • @putowtin

    Like a champ! KCCO!

  • Yuppp

    Damn, well done. your girl is pretty hot.

  • Gezond eten

    He is f*cking awesome

  • ridsy13

    Pedro's a m-f'ing stallion! Good work, dude!

  • Boston Rugger

    #8 and I'll never complain about shaving again

    • NorCal420

      RIGHT? Razor Burn? Pff he is a champ!

  • JoanneBanane

    Okay who's chopping onions?

    • ScottishYankee

      Next time I'll bring extra tissue

    • Guest


  • Mike

    Makes me feel like a complete loser when I complain about meaningless shit that happens in my life. KCCO Pedro!!

    • Jim

      Took the post right out of my fingers, Mike.

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