Putting the explosive career of Bruce Willis in the spotlight (45 Photos)

There are some notable omissions from this gallery, so feel free to let me know what I missed…

  • Sexauer

    He deserves a shirt! This man is Hard As F#*k!!!

  • kittygato

    Also missing Surrogates, Planet Terror, was brilliant in Perfect Stranger, was RJ in Over the Hedge, and 16 Blocks

  • lost in time

    his 'start' was in music. as memory serves, he played at woodstock. that would have been nice to see.

  • poetlord


  • McClain, John

    Ohh hell yea. We need a BFW shirt! Die Hard hands down best Christmas movie made. EVERYTIME I watch it I end up calling everybody a bitch. It's habit. I think he is the inspiration for the badass mother fucker wallet

  • skrolnik

    Back when I worked at Blockbuster, one time a woman came in and asked for "The Bruce Willis movie with all the killing in it.."

    Found the one she was looking for on my first try.

    • RocketBoots

      hahaha you win. AS ALWAYS

  • Elwood

    What about Surrogates? I enjoyed that film.

  • Missed One

    16 Blocks?

  • Kyran

    How about his episodes of Friends?

  • curmudgeon

    One question about this post ——-WHY?

  • Boogie Nights


  • Biscuit


    Last Man Standing, one of my favorite movies!

  • Eder

    #40 Were my thoughts exactly when I saw his beard… "What Just Happened"?

  • ZenkTheTanK

    #41 ironic

  • nuccabay

    this just gave me a list of movies that i need to watch again…

  • Teh Oen

    What about "Over the Hedge"? Voice acting

  • http://blog.dirtyhotproductions.com/ waltgator

    #29 great movie! super funny and boobs!

  • rlyboredallday

    is it just me or does he get older, then regress

  • Bob Fungus

    Am I the only one that feels like I have to sit and watch Die Hard every time it shows up on TV? It's impossible to channel surf past it.

  • Alan

    16 Blocks

  • Ryan

    16 Blocks ( not on list) is definitely a favorite!

  • http://www.facebook.com/pol.sedierta Pol Sedierta

    Nobody's Fool from 1994. Paul Newman was the star. And his role in Friends was hilarious.

  • Llama78

    You forgot 16 block….

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