• peter


  • WannabeNAVYbutMechE

    Damn straight!

  • 4433

    wait what

  • notahipster

    well said. so true. effn hipsters are worse than romney fans

  • brutalderp

    Thought this was going to suck, clicked it because I'm bored, ends up being the best video post on here in a long time!

  • roger

    hipster whoopie goldberg on the left

  • pufffdragon

    Two black chicks complaining about white people….STFU!

    • https://www.facebook.com/toledo11 Matt Orosz

      Hipsters… not an entire race
      Let's not start race wars. Hipster wars I'm totally ok with

  • Triztin

    How are these girls any better than what they are preaching?
    This is HATE poetry. This isn't art. 😦

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