• life of brian

    That one guy just doesnt enjoy life. Everyone smiling and watching…. but not that guy. You know who i'm talking about

    • nbree

      Black Coat Guy. The bastard.

  • 'Merica

    Nice video, if theyre are sing then they aren't robbing and raping

  • Matt

    I wasn't planning on watching all 5+ minutes but I was hooked… Pretty flippin awesome!

  • Tfcb

    Had a dude bust out in song on bart in oakland after the art and soul festival kinda like these guys it was amazing. The d-bag in the black jacket to didnt smile or clap and kept acting like they were annoying him should aim for the third rail when he exits the subway!

  • Isaias

    that a**hole kept his back to them the whole time. He apparently didn't feel it in the air

  • jeff

    I have heard these guys a ton and yes they are awesome, but what I really want to know is…
    Who is that tool who refuses to turn around or get the hell out of the way. Chive here is the first FIND HIM
    so that he can be questioned and embarassed.

  • Rick Roll Is another subway acapella 🙂

  • Testicles Maximus

    Amazing group of singers, but I have to stop watching at 3:57 when the white lady starts giving an air BJ. It's just too… I just… I can't.

  • Canucks_Rule

    black people, why are u so talented? lol.

  • Fred

    Seen this years ago but still is amazing! Naturally 7 are incredibly talented 🙂

  • nbree

    Truly great music is one of the most unifying experiences in our society. This was fantastic. 🙂

  • Ben

    I was waiting for Mike Tyson to punch out the dude in black after the drum solo.

  • PianoFingers

    Live music in the subway in Copenhagen too:

  • airdance

    The band is great, some of the people around them in that subway are great, but I also see a great deal of real-life zombies there, like the guy in black.

  • Lindsay

    This made my day!

  • Colbey

    These guys should dress all thugged out like gang members and see how many people actually judge them before they start singing. Then out of no where- BAM!! Start singing! Haha

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