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  • fdubzou


  • Grang

    The bands name is naturally 7 and they are amazing.

    • Guest

      They are the first black guys to ever act aggressive on a train….

      • :).

        meant to thumb you down so you're at -2 as of this comment.

  • rob

    Doing it Cee Lo Green style – Great job!

    • Anaphylaxis

      Other way round, I believe. This video is fairly old.

  • pr0n


  • Henry the Chafed

    Boys II Men still got it..

    • blah123

      Not Boyz II Men dude….."NATURALLY 7" is the name of the group.

      • Henry the Chafed

        Yes I know..

  • mike

    All the white people are confused

  • Ty4

    Man this is an OOOOOLD video. Still love it though.

  • ThunderKCCO

    they are pretty good.. found another video

  • Hip-Hop-Anonymous

    Bravo, guys. Bravo! For a moment on any random day, you brought a common ground to people. Music is something everyone can relate to. KCCO.

    • Russ

      You got that right!!! 🙂

  • Plac

    There were a few elderly people they could have given their seats up to.

    • Awe yeah!

      And women

    • Womp.

      Highly doubt the elderly people have the lung capacity…

    • Wiggs

      i was thinking the exact same thing!

  • BryFox

    Black people's innate ability to break out in soulful R&B tunes never gets old.

    • Joe

      They were definitely given all the talent.

      • Doc Juanzo

        that one of them Obama gifts we're supposed to be getting?

  • SomeGuy

    Paris Subway! They did this while out there for a concert with Micheal Bubble.
    Get some people interested. Think it worked.

  • Chelito

    Amazin !! Worth the Subway Ride

  • Steelers

    The one with the fro looks like mike tomlin

    • njjnk

      wtf happened to tomlin he's Huge now?

  • sinjinkarch

    F#$ing Amazing. Loved it! Need a second coming of Boyz II Men.

  • Open minded

    Cosbey, you don't belong on The Chive. Go away bigot…

    • cosbey

      shut up meathead!!

      • Open minded

        Meathead, really? You don't belong anywhere…racism is dead to all but the retarted asshats like you. Have a fun, unfulfilled, lonely life.

  • theondoodle

    Everyone seems to love this, except for that one guy. Yeah, you know which one…

    • sparky

      I'm pretty sure that guy is a record company executive who is tired of people trying to sing to him everywhere he goes. Either that or he's hearing impaired and is wondering what everyone is looking at.

  • toddo37

    i wish we had subways in cali

  • James

    Guy in black jacket was not impressed

  • SupermansDad

    This vids been up forever but every time i hear it i loose my mind, these guys are fucking good

  • Josh

    This was great. I wish they would bring the Sing-Off back to TV

  • misschris

    So apparently I'm taking the wrong trains! I loved this. Looked like a good time 🙂

  • Tzatlacael

    That was so cool!
    I'm going to have this tune in my head to Chive On for the day.

  • Bob

    They should be the half time show for the 100th grey cup instead of Justin bieber

    • http://www.facebook.com/rob.hatten.5 Rob Hatten

      They picked Bieber? It really is 2012 isn't it?

    • Joe

      The what?

      • Alberta Chiver

        Grey Cup…its CFL.. the Canadian super bowl..LOL

    • Canucks_Rule

      hopefully the t.o. crowd boo his ass off stage. lions not playing, so don't care about the game itself. lol.

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