Just remember, there are people out there doing breathtakingly brilliant things (Video)

Called the Mine Kafon, this big ball of brilliance was invented by Massoud Hassani to help clear landmines from the Afghani deserts he grew up in. Now his invention is a semi-finalist in the Focus Forward filmmaker competition. It’s always refreshing to see people coming up with clever solutions like this to the world’s most important problems.

  • Cyberfunker


    • theederv

      Clearly you are not….

      • Peasoupdoughboy


  • ray

    that's awesome, man.

  • TarteX

    fuck mines

    • Hucks

      Yeah great advice. I just blew my balls off.

  • CowtownChiver

    Absolutely Brilliant!!!

  • AUSChiver

    Good to know that he has gone back home to make a difference and save people's lives, without any personal gain

    • X Ninaki

      Yeah, there aren't many people who do something for nothing but to help others anymore. Bravo Mr. Hassani!

  • VoiceOfReason

    Great idea

  • Manny

    i want one!

  • rickacha

    he deserves a fucking gold medal

  • Mikerhinos

    Instantly recalled me a hamster in his ball, and gave me that idea to make it even cooler : why not make a bigger inside ball, with a robot inside it, guided by GPS, that would crawl in, making the ball roll all over the field ?
    Like a scanner, it would roll on invisible stripes until it reached the opposite point of the field.
    Sorry for my english, i hope everyone reading this understood, maybe the creator would be interested in that idea, i think i'm gonna get in contact with him.

    • Shenanigans

      I think if that were done, it would slowly start to increasse the cost of the unit, which would make it harder for poverty stricken areas to use. It's a good idea though, and could be implemented for 'higher models' but I think simplicity is the key.

  • Guest

    Didnt they already Post this a while back?

    • ston

      Yes they did , not sure if the posted the video though

  • Joe


  • EOD

    Please, tell me more about your firsthand knowledge of NATO minefields in Afghanistan. They are Russian mines. And this device is not guaranteed to function mines, especially larger ones. The area must still be cleared by UXO teams, who are payed for by – get this – NATO. Thanks for playing please try again.

    Note – I am an EOD tech. I do this for a living.

    • Screaming Eagle

      EOD stay safe brother.

    • Greasy Fingers

      Your reply is great and spot-on, EOD. In addition to this, I could see local Afghans dismantling these things for scrap before they did much good. Stay safe!

  • Greasy Fingers

    EOD is right. Also, when local Afghans find these, they would likely be dismantled and sold for scrap before they did any good. Cool idea, though.

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      And you know better than the Afghani inventor……how?

      • Greasy Fingers

        Spent a lot of time in the Mideast. Poverty is rampant and anything of value is reused or sold for scrap. Saw sheep herders have a brawl over some spent shell casings. And you know better…..how?

  • Angela

    Well done )

  • andulamb

    I think this is actually dangerous, because it will lead people to believe an area is mine-free when actually it isn't. The problem with this device is that it is relatively small and it doesn't travel in a straight line. Imagine letting one meander its way through an area. Yes, wherever it rolled is safe. Now what? If you take it back to where you first released it and move it over three feet, and let it meander through the area again, and do that a few more times, will you really know at that point where it's been and where it hasn't been? If you let one of these roll across a football field 100 times, I'll bet it would only have covered about 20% of the field. Which would mean that 80% of the field would still be an unknown. That sounds like an improvement, but it's not. You would be worse off because as far as you know you've proven that the field is safe, except that you actually haven't proven anything. Which is better: a field that contains 100 land mines, which everyone avoids because they know it contains mines; or a field that contains 20 land mines that everyone thinks is safe to use?

    • William

      It's a good idea and he's also raising awarness to the problem and finding potential solutions to the mines in peoples back yard. Technology starts somewhere and who knows where this could lead to. At least he knows there's a problem and has part of a solution to resolve it. If I had mines in my backyard I'd want more than a sign. His dad died from a mine so obvioulsy they can't be just avoided.

  • CanadianMedic

    Oh that's neat I work really hard saving lives checking the chive in between calls to keep my head level. I don't just spam websites pissing good people off.

  • Frank

    The sad part is that you probably believe that.

    The U.S has not used landmines in over 20 years. They are destroying their stocks of persistent landmines, keeping only those that will self destruct or deactivate after a fairly short period of time.

    Furthermore the US is a world leader of landmine clearing, putting as much as $800 million into the effort.

    "But the US, and NATO are, like, bad, okay? I just assume they are at fault, and will spread my ignorance via the interwebs." -Prishtinalee

  • CaptainInsano

    I don't know about brilliant but expensive I'll bet

  • Juice

    What if there's no wind ..then your screwed

    • madman

      agreed, but for fuck's sake… you're.

  • Brandon

    Once it hits a mine, it's fucked. How many of these would you need to clear one field?

  • BreakGuy

    Much better news than Bieber and Gomez break up!

    This is a good headstart. Just keep on improving this device.

  • Canucks_Rule

    whatever rids those things off the earth.

  • jes

    yeah how can you know that the area is clear if it blows were ever the wind goes? theres a reason mines area hard to clear!

  • Callum

    If you like this you might be interested in supporting massoud to realize the project: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/massoudhassan

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