Love is grand, divorce is a hundred grand (14 Photos)

  • Tim Shepard

    Why dont these rich honchos put a little of their millions into the Court Reform movement? Groups like Fathers & Families could really use some help. Why do they just bend over for the feminist bureaucrats?

  • bones

    You forgot Sam Simon (one of the creators of The Simpsons) and Jennifer Tilley. That might be 2nd highest.

  • kenny

    don't get married. live and love, if you dont "love" me anymore get the hell out and pay your own bills bitch!

  • Ben from Maine

    Elin and Tiger to the tune of 750 MILLION. How did that miss the cut?

  • Canucks_Rule

    #14 – holy shit.

  • hehe

    and all of these chicks are ugly….

  • LeO

    The most expensive sex ever 🙂

  • Revlis1

    Meh, put up with any of these fuckers in any way for more than an hour or so and you've earned a few million…

  • Paul.C


  • Ash

    There you go! White women!!! Making money off of what their husbands have hungry ..

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    […] number one cause of divorce… is marriage. And if you ever needed a reason to not get married? All you should really remember is divorce is expensive as hell. And those people supposedly were “in love” at some […]

  • Kigely

    Through all of history man has lamented at this situation.

    Its only in the last 40-60 years women have gotten anything out of a man beyond expenses for the child. Prior women would be left in the dust unless she found another man. Somewhere in the late 19th century women gained better support in the judicial system and in divorce law in general.

    That reform has evolved to overcompensation with the primary bread winner suffering the biggest brunt of the burden for a divorce. In no fault divorce cases where there is an amicable split the money is less for an alimony settlement.

    Nonetheless, in a post 70's fem movement alimony settlements are used as a form of punitive response. Where a petitioner (the one who wants the divorce) can sue for both standard of living and personal duress (mental/emotional damage) inflicted by the split.

    This is why instead of the standard 15-25% of net worth that was the standard, now a petitioner can pursue and often is awarded (since the 1960's) anywhere between 35-50% of net worth.

    These people on the loosing end should thank their lucky stars this is wealth calculated in NET, AFTER taxes and not the total gross and estimated value.

  • Tuco

    c'mon millonaires,hire a "sicario" better

  • ChristophersonofGray

    "You make $30 million, and your wife gets $15, you ain't starving.
    You make $30 thousand, and your wife gets $15, you might have ta kill her!"

    – thank you Chris Rock.

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