There is no deeper loyalty than a dog and his master (11 Photos)


  • Dan

    Dog > Human

    • Frank

      Yes, humans eat dogs.

  • fede

    Aguante Capitan KCCO desde Argentina πŸ˜₯ I'll go fight some bears now, manhood here i come again

    • Yada

      KCCO desde Córdoba!!

  • adMANistrator

    My pets would never do this. Stupid goldfish.

  • derp

    Screw you Chive. Now I have to leave what I was doing to pick my dog up from "doggie day care" early so I can hug him

  • noriega


    • rodrigo

      is not fake…. I live near were this is happening …..

  • chron247

    #1 This post gives me chills. There is nothing like the connection between a dog and it's master. Really makes me miss my ol' buddy.

  • Rodrigo

    Thats in my city in-……………….. Córdoba Argentina ……. thanks for spreading the news

  • ibleedgreenngold

    You will never hear a story like this about a cat. Dogs are awesome.

    • Frank

      "In the Bristol Bay region, whole villages were devastated and in one place every person had died while the ferocious dogs, having finished their ghoulish work, ran wild. A relief vessel came to that place and the sailors had to shoot the dogs before they could enter the village, a desolate place indeed and only half gnawed bones lying about on the ground told the story."

      You will never hear a story like this about a cat.

      • CompuNerd

        Get the story right, you dumbass.

        The dogs ate CORPSES, because they were starving. They didn't eat the flu victims alive.

        • CompuNerd

          And yes, cats have been known to eat corpses due to starvation, too.

  • HachiKo

    My Akita would do this…so loyal.

  • NitPicky

    Sorry… it's Shepherd.

  • Sworbie

    Remiinds me of an Akito named HACHI

  • VC98

    Awww πŸ™‚ and Awww 😦 going to give my American Bulldog doggie extra treats today

  • abby

    My Weimiearaner pups woold do this. They get upset if I go to the bathroom without them.

  • rgh

    Guy must have been buried with the tennis ball.

  • Craig

    Futurama – "Prehistoric Bark" Makes me cry every damn time.

  • eenniferconnel

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  • Grant

    Such a awesome story. But sad. If only the whole world was this beautiful

  • dr313

    you never see a cat do this

    • Frank

      Too smart to waste their lives.

  • LeO

    So true. Can't wait to get home n see my dog

  • jared

    kinda looks like a husky/shepherd mix, my husky jumped the fence saw my truck out front than waited at the front door

  • bob

    Reminds me of the the story of Shep, a dog in one of the neighboring towns from where I grew up

    • bob

      Fort Benton, Montana

  • hippiejo59

    If that don't make ya cry, YOUR FUCKIN HEART IS STOE COLD!………..

  • Jimbo Jambo

    greyfriars bobby takes the biscuit I'm sure; 14 years he stayed at his masters grave.

  • ari gat

    Has anyone considered that Miguel is still alive in the coffin and the dog is trying to save his owner?

    • Jill

      6 years later?

  • boob_cuddler

    His picture should be next to the dictionary's definition of loyalty.

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