Animals that don’t suck (50 Photos)

  • anon

    #30 "Why can't I hold all these carrots?"

    • anon

      Derp meant #36

  • misschris

    #48 I can just feel him judging me.

  • bma

    #29 "Just take those old records off the shelf!"

  • Yak Surfer

    #7 "Eyes on me gentlemen. Eyes on me."

  • TheDudesky

    If you look close enough behind the burger wrappers, #7 has the feint outline of of pipe next to the lighter. Hehe I love stoners.

    • guest

      Only a stoner would assume that is what that vague shape is. What a stretch.

  • Me.

    I believe it's a Shiba Inu

  • Jay

    #22 "Dpn't leave me baby"!

    • Jay

      I forgot how to spell

  • mellissa

    Am I the only one who noticed the bowl in #7?

  • Fish

    #28 – Dude, just give him the camera. It's not worth it!

  • Annika

    This made my day! Thank you Chive!

  • Walter Melon

    #23 Is definitely photo shopped. You can see the orange hairs sticking out over the cats ear.

  • gimletmike

    The master of the slow cooker.

  • jonah888

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  • Dr. Evil

    You were the best of us Harvey!

  • UnsweetC

    Why is this cat's name not Harvey Dent?! You're doing it wrong.

  • OG Long Nut

    #21 is pretty damn epic

  • kmotamed

    #18… Irony at its finest!

    • ninja cricket

      Coincidentally my German Shepherd did the exact same thing as a puppy.

  • kmotamed

    #44: and THIS is why im a cat person… logic!

  • kmotamed

    #45: grumpy turtle aint no grumpy cat!

  • goldengekko1

    #42 played too many games of chubby bunny or chubby squirrel in this case 😀

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