Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • Jeff

    34. Is a absolute goddess.
    You are 34.

  • Luis

    Cute fat hands :)# 49

  • blake

    #30 that's in Heber City, Utah

    • garett

      Really… how did it happen??

  • neal81

    #39 YESS! Mac: you like the red heads, and give em a shout out every week. How 'bout a curly chivette gallery for a chiver with a thing for curls?

  • mistymn4

    Is 34 trying to cover up a tail or something because if you look closely there is a bump in the back right above the line lol

  • nygiantsfan

    i cant believe how amazingly hot number 14 is…wow

  • Jemike5

    #47 Jaw dropper. Two Thumbs up!

  • http://www.facebook.com/chandler.d.bishop Chandler Don Bishop

    #42 marry me?


    #14 YOU AGAIN! It IS the holiday season. And here I was going to try to go to bed…

    #34 Your wish is Chive's command, oh sexy chivette.

    #50 Megs breakin' 'em out for the pre Turkey Day DAR! Thanks, gorgeous.

  • Mike M

    #49 makes for a perfect gf shes got her priorities right!

  • Guest

    #11 No, no, no, thank you!!!

  • wtf

    #37 nope… there are about 8 billion others to choose from.

    • Chris

      If he was really going to miss it, he wouldn't have left. He definitely found someone better.

      • SilkySapper

        Or was tired of putting up with her neediness. Obviously being an attention whore, trying to feel better by getting random internet commenters to say she has a nice ass.

        • Gyp

          Yup, that's what most of these "classy" Chivettes want

          • Gabs

            Nr 1!

  • Niitsitapi13

    #13 What was his personal impetus and goal for doing this? I'm not in any way putting what he's doing down.
    I'm simply curious.

  • Caleb

    Holy fuck #42

  • Slushiest_MJ

    Is that weeki wachiee springs Fl???

  • mopar_man

    #14 I don't think anybody would complain if you submitted more pictures.

    • gyp

      How donc you know?

  • Robbi

    #43 GTA san andreas mods were always the best

  • mirou

    #48 where is it?

    • Keith


  • Jawbone

    #16 Not getting enough attention as a lesbian….

  • Serously

    #49 Marry me?

  • zgl

    #31 – rocks!

  • nick

    Will work for MOAR!!!!!!

    #14 #47

  • Melkhiordarkblade

    #16 lol dude, everyone knows Rainbow Dash is a lesbian.

  • http://twitter.com/stumpz11 @stumpz11

    #32 What the hell is that huge oven mit looking thing?

  • kmotamed

    #22: OH Canada!

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