It’s Thanksgiving, you should get away (20 HQ Photos)

  • JJJ


    • Deep Dish

      I really want to see the episode of Maury where they try to figure out who impregnated whom.

      • The Mayberry Riot

        Isn't that every episode of Maury?

  • Tiber_Septim

    #8 but they are all beautiful

    • Alex

      Hanging Lake

  • Susanne

    #10 Lofoten, Norway 🙂

  • Vedran

    # 8 Plitvice Lakes, Croatia. 🙂

    KCCO from Croatian Chiver who is gonna be there for New Years Eve….

    • Vedran


      • Greenbean

        Wrong, this is Hanging Lake in Colorado.

    • Adam

      I knew that was Plitvice Lakes, that place was amazing!

      • Vedran

        You should see it in the winter when waterfalls freezes…

  • D_O_W

    everyone of these locations was ruined by mankind.

    • Cody

      So was your face.

  • poop man

    oh my fucking god. get rid of that fucking baby video already!

  • ImpressMe


  • LukeSkywalker

    I liken this post to SC because all the pic are beautiful, but there are always a few which just blow me away.

    • SnallaBolaget

      South Carolina…?

  • 29er

    #7 If it looks fake, it makes my "Travel to" list.

    • Slappy

      is it me or does the green 'grass' look mowed?! if so, whatta beyotch that would be!!!

      • art

        That's spring wheat which is just sprouting.

    • emailhobo

      So this is where?

  • Rich

    #14 looks like Skyrim

  • Canucks_Rule

    #3 – want go there.

  • aaa

    I need to get out more.

  • Kaiti

    #8 hanging lake- glenwood Colorado. I go all the time!! Gorgeous

  • Cubexxx

    #3 need to go there.
    #4 The End of the World ?

  • theeDICKsmith

    #13 is a crack in some snow somewhere, unless those are GIANT LEAVES!?

  • art

    Please post locations of where these were taken!

  • Kyle

    #12 Looks very familiar – probably in Southern California

    • James

      Nor cal baby

    • Winshady

      Definitely east of San Francisco somewhere

  • curmudgeon

    @Art, agree with you totally. A simple single line caption below the image would do it. I have complained about this before. Simple solution: ask the submitter to ID the location with the pic.

  • mirou

    please chive, next time if it's possible, put adresses unders pictures, it's very beautiful, thank you

  • kmotamed

    #13: nicely done!

  • Kellebelle

    Pretty sure #17 is Garden of the Gods… 🙂

    • nasty

      not if you mean the Garden of the Gods in Colorado? It looks nothing like that.

  • mitter78

    #12 .. Silvertown?

  • Smitty



    and I really wanna say New Hampshire for #17

    • Bubba

      Yes, Holland. Bollenstreek, to be more precise.

    • catch 22

      #17 I think could be "The Assonet Ledge": Freetown State Forest, MA

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