Kids and and wild animals are like peas and carrots (28 Photos)

  • Brian Johnson

    yep, seems like the basic guidlines to dispose of unwanted children, carry on

  • Just Sayin'

    #17 Mutton Bustin'!!!

  • Gutts

    F'in boatloads of WTF?!

  • AAK

    Our child is about to be eaten by a wild animal! Quick, grab a camera!

  • TJJ

    #1 total photoshop; the ground angle doesnt match, not to mention the scale

  • FrankieTheWop

    Change the title to Parenting Fail!

  • Jesse

    #19 #26 What were these people thinking??!!

  • Jacki

    The fuckkkk is wrong with the parents hahahaha

  • Jobs j's

    I'm sure half these kids are already dead..

  • Canucks_Rule

    #2 – tarzan 2012.

  • bizarrogreg

    So many bad parents…

  • cj jimmy

    The boy was like, "Guys, stop shitting and screaming. I got this"

  • Shane

    #12 is the sculpture at taronga zoo Sydney

  • melvin

    I wanna take a nap with a lion =-D

  • chiveaddicted4life

    wish i had a parent willing to let me chill with a lion. We would have been bro's or a I'd have made a great snack. Either way, great photography.

  • Matticus

    #15 don't they go for like 2k? or is it 20k?
    the savannah cats
    (domestic cat bred with a serval)

  • Amir

    #28 deleted scenes from Narnia?

  • James

    #25 That child knows no fear

  • Mr.Pink

    Most of these are shopped.

  • coz

    Nope! Chuck Testa

  • Galen1969


    Isn't that supposed to be the other way around?

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