Martín De Pasquale is a Photoshop genius (33 Photos)

Photographer and Photoshop compositor Martín De Pasquale has a keen eye for taking everyday life and constructing it into abstract art. The Argentinean artist uses a layer technique of combining a sequence of photographs with various photoshop elements and layers them together to create a stunning visual masterpiece.

Check out more of Martín's work here.

Check out more of Martín’s amazing work here.

  • Inigo Montoya

    You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.

    • Tim


  • I Eats Bacon

    Nothing that really blew me away. Most of us with at least 5 or 6 years solid experience can do the same stuff… *yawn*

  • Juan R

    I don't know, a lot of this looks like it's been photoshopped.

  • Dave

    I don't know why everyone is being to nitpicky..these are all pretty cool if you ask me!

    • TommyD

      Nobody has anything against the photos themselves. It's Mac's use of the terms "Genius" and "Stunning visual masterpiece"

  • Andy

    This guy's pretty good, I wouldn't call him a genius though….I have a 2 year degree in Graphics Tech and am proficient in Photoshop and I could probably do allot of those mods and so should just about anyone in who's studied Photoshop. If you go to they have contests for this type of stuff and there's tutorials that teach you how to do the mods. His lighting skills were pretty good as well, if you take a decent photography class you can learn that too though

  • boob_cuddler


  • thevanityscore

    #19 korras polarbear dog

  • David Gorski


  • dritch

    I've seen some 'shops in my days, and these are totally SHOPPED! You can tell by the pixels.

  • Shoofly

    Do you think he makes images of himself having sex with himself? Vote now!

    • Craigery

      Images of orgies involving himself, his dog, his severed head, and a skeleton.

  • Macro

    A photographer who can do clipping paths and use clone stamp. OH MY GOD GENIUS!

    There's a gallery like this about 10 times every month. Some design student who thinks they're brilliant and artsy.

  • bigcityreem

    Pretty nice photoshop skills. I wonder how much he'll charge to turn my head into a keg.

  • Interest

    All shit aside….we have a clever guy here.

  • Yada

    2 post of Argentina in 2 days, awesome

  • paint user

    I feel inadequate…

    • Roflcopter

      This isn't about your d*ck. LOLOLOL.

  • John

    Okay, they are good, but it is photo shop after all. Anyone with time and experience can put stuff like this together.

  • Technician

    Not trying to sound rude, but…. a lot of this is simple Photoshop technique that most people who've been using Photoshop can do easily in a couple hours. It's not to put down what he does.. but, 'genius' isn't the right word for it really.

  • Jawbone

    I tend not to scoff at or deride that which I can not do.

  • lost in time

    genius is a strech at best. boring at least.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #19 – diggin it.

  • Kevin Miller

    If we are talking about "Photoshop Geniuses" here, wouldn't it be better to feature someone more like Alexander Koshelkov? His Luftbanza Airlines photoshop is a real work of art.

  • PussyWhistle


  • kmotamed

    #2 and #7 are my favourites, by far!

  • superfly75

    im using photshop 12 years and im not a genius…..he is definetely not a genius too…

  • @andysyson

    Not really that great, the term 'genius' is a bit strong.

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