Nothing beats a beautiful smile: Chivette Edition (43 Photos)

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  • WestCoastPete

    Oh, and #7

  • Patrick Toschlog

    #3 god bless Texas that is a perfect smile. Actually a perfect everything

  • Faris

    #37 I believe I just fell in love. Very beautiful smile. Please send more pictures.

  • Charley

    #6 lovin the GA Peach would like some moar of this one

  • Robert

    Great post. All REAL Chivettes and each one just as beautiful as the next.

  • Terry

    Hello lucky #13! Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

    • Raime

      Rock Chalk!

  • <Ed_Word`>

    What lovely eyes you have ❤

  • shoestring


  • Karolis

    I beg you, take the video of that f**** kid of your page! I cannot take it any more… Every time I go to a gallery or reload the page it automatically loads up and starts on any iOS device. I'm pretty close to throwing my iPad into the wall if I hear it one more time… That's why I'm not gonna go to chive until its of the page. It's making me freaking suicidal…

    P.S. #37 is one of the cutest things I've ever seen!

  • joel

    please find #8

  • Topher Murphy

    #9 find.. FIND DAMMIT

  • Dorothy

    Find #13! Make KS proud!

  • urgooch

    #21 #22 ummm you are awesome! Moar is always appreciated B)

  • ar tee

    Thank you for #20
    can we please know more about her?

  • Mike A.

    #37 I LIKE IT.

  • urgooch

    #3 well I hope you have an amazing day too!!
    <<<< Texas Chiver…. 😉

  • StupendousMan

    #19 is cute as a goddamn button. Put a smile on my face!

  • longshot421

    #8 #39 damn I love red lipstick. Lovely.

  • boob_cuddler

    #26 don't let it be the first and last time.

  • Chris

    This gallery just made me realize that no matter how much I work out I'll never have a chance because smiles and squishy.

  • Travioso

    #28 does it for me

  • yummyguy

    #14 #17 MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sixty

    You are so damn sexy.


  • Nbl

    #33 dibs

  • James Patterson


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