Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose (37 Photos)

  • Vanessa

    Cliff Joy is sexy.

  • Hrdwood

    #9 I bet you did Nazi that coming…

    • Turd F.


    • Slobbs


    • illWill

      You got that Riech!

    • Tiber_Septim

      Brilliance comes in many forms and sometimes from nowhere. Well Done!

    • MylesofStyles

      Jew are too funny.

      • Hrdwood

        Hey, aren't you that guy whose grandfather fell off the watchtower…?

        • MylesofStyles

          Sadly, yes. Just another unnecessary concentration camp death.

  • _HypoLuxa_

    #19 . . . *too

    • Jamie Quirk

      Beat me to it.

      • 5280Blazin


    • notgay4military

      You MUST be a military man with a brain that large! Only enlisted servicemen can get away with playing grammar police.


    #27 Winning!!!!

    • cheezebits

      Assassin's Creed 3 is my new girlfriend now.

    • SJSharks

      lol especially if she bought the games for you

  • Jonny Apps

    #19 also TO

    • Jonny Apps


  • Verbal_Kint

    #3 That's a more twisted and confusing piece of fiction than Cloud Atlas. (the book, not the movie)

  • Canucks_Rule

    #17 – clown diarrhea… still funny.

  • tv_paul

    #8 What in Tarnation is goin' on here? (Scene from Police Macadamy 10 – Road to Ruin)

    • iheartboobiez

      If you have to explain it, it's not funny.

      • paulsux


  • wkdfrog

    #15 LOL 🙂

  • jreddy23

    #17 Have you ever been so drunk that you ate a Piñata

    • @LosSaysSwag

      Too much Mexican can cause explosive diarrhea.

  • NebraskaGuy

    #5 Well that's it, I'm busted!

    • ftlt

      Anyone else look up that regulation to see what the penalty is?

      • Underhill

        Doesn't matter, their are re-writing the ''Privacy'' law.

  • Phil Connors

    Where did #1 come from / what fight? That is amazing photography

    • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

      maybe the mancini fight??


    • Dave

      Carmen Basilio winning… boxer who lost not sure

    • iheartboobiez

      Carmen Basilio vs. Tony DeMarco. November 30, 1955 – Boston Garden

      • Prophetable

        Your post got me on youtube. Very entertaining fight, thanks for the reference!

      • Prophetable

        Watching that fight also got me watching this, which is really interesting.

  • Anon

    I don't even know why, but i can't stop laughing at #37

    • anon

      And from that day on, little ming swore that he would take revenge on the monkey race

      • thom

        You can tell that monkey did that on purpose and was waiting for the kid to bend over. What a prick.

    • iheartboobiez

      Same here, #16 as well.

    • Grant

      douchebag monkey…

    • Big Joe

      That monkey is an asshole!!!

    • Red

      Well, because it's funny.

    • megan

      Seriously… Dick move monkey. Has to be the dickiest monkey I have ever seen!

    • biggles

      That is a bad ass gif.

    • Moknowsbest

      Kung-FU monkey

  • Dude Imbibes

    #24 Almost as awesome as Randy Johnson turning that bird into a cloud of feathers.

    • Turd F.

      Randy Johnson was way better. I mean, what are the fucking odds?????

    • poop sausage

      oh shit. i Lol'd at "cloud of feathers". awesome.

    • MylesofStyles

      The only way that could have been funnier is if it were a cloud of cat fur.

    • Red

      Nothing beats the Big Unit. He pulverized that tweety.

      • @saadzaf

        but his own glasses lol…what are the odds?

  • Will

    #33 it's dichlorodifluoromethane yes I am a dork… it burned holes in the ozone layer, but in his defense, tetrafluoroethane that replaced it makes photochemical smog… win some lose some

    • TTT

      He was also a piece of shit. He continued to promote leaded gasoline even after he knew of the health problems it was causing people (including himself).

    • KCCOinCLE

      You just made my brain hurt.

  • jreddy23

    No Way! That's Amazing…Tell Us More! Also, is she your co-worker's ex-wife because you slept with your co-worker's wife?

  • Porkins

    A monkey kicking a little Chinese baby! #37 That should not be this funny!

  • Pokes

    I really wish I didn't picture that.

  • Mr_liqour_liver

    #13 happens too often

    • PappyCrux

      Use a fork, it will rarely bend. It really works.

      • Mr_liqour_liver

        yeah more like a pitch fork

  • shucks

    #8 What in Tarnation is goin' on here? (Scene from Police Macadamy 10 – Road to Ruin)

    • iheartboobiez

      Is that you Tv_Paul?

      • tv_paul

        No, the same thing happened yesterday . I posted something and it appeared 2 minutes later under another user posting, weird.

        • WileEOne

          You're infected with a Serial Thread Duplicate or STD… go get a shot of penicillin before you spread it around to everyone else. 🙂

          • tv_paul

            I tried to contact John McAfee but he replied he's need another problem like his neighbor needs another hole in his head.

  • jimctu

    #27 don't know if its a win or lose =P<img src="; width="1"/>

    • MeepMeep

      When in doubt, win!

    • thevanityscore

      its for sure a win. who needs a gf when you have 3 awesome games like that anyways

    • Yoselahonda

      It's a lose once you realize how disappointing Assassins Creed III is.

  • Bentown

    #13 White Girl Problems

    • Claude

      *fat girl problems

      • whatever

        ice cream=fat?
        what is wrong with you?

  • @keymasterbacon

    #19 yes. OMG. Yes

    • iheartboobiez

      Guess your name should be @keymasterbation giggity

    • @LosSaysSwag

      Grammar nazi fetish?

    • MonkeyMadness


  • Chaosd


    oorah Devildog!

    • Norm


  • MacTheWrite

    #15 It's called a spankbank and it comes in very handy.

    • RooFeeOOO

      It's just not the same though. It might get things started but the ending is not as good.

      • Yum Yum Roll

        Smart phone? Tablet? Laptop? I haven't used my imagination in years.

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