Those dresses never looked happier (57 Photos)

  • Vic

    #28 #36 #37 damn!!!!!

    • just4fun88

      especially #28 !!!!!!!!!!

      • JMAKK

        #28 I couldn't stop thinking of the entire time I was scrolling, nothing beats a small black dress…

        • just4fun88

          Same here bro…

      • justj


    • Kevin

      #37 FTW Goddess!!!

    • chivecity

      #36 speechless….

    • luke

      There hot but a bit too skinny!

  • Tiber_Septim

    #1 #7 Mother of God!

    • Cass

      #7 won hands down for me!

      • emailhobo

        She is sooo fuckable it's not even funny. A superb female specimen!

    • whos.mike

      #34 I just threw up a little in my mouth

  • Vic

    #55 we need more chivettes in dresses that are glued to their bodies!!! make it happen!!!

    • JohnMarston

      I'm glad i live in a country where women are willing to dress uncomfortable to please us men

    • ChurchoftheFonz

      That looks just like Ellie Gonsalves from Australia Zoo, Steve Irwin's place….Yowza!!!!!

      • Jack Wagon

        it goes right along with using pole dancing as exercise, it is just more proof that we have won.

  • nina

    #39 oh look i just turned into a lesbien

    • Dani

      how is her waist so almost smaller than her neck?!

      • iheartboobiez

        It's called, anorexia.

    • Meg

      Leighton Meester, on Gossip Girl with Blake Lively #19

    • John J Linehan

      too bad this is just a classic photoshop

      • Donny

        There was really nothing wrong with the before shot either, silly people photoshoping everything.

      • Mike

        Too bad she's bangin' either way!

    • Big Daddy

      I'll convert you back anytime

  • blah

    #43 Riley Steele. You're welcome.

    • blah blah

      Thanks, Ultra nerd

  • First

    Oh ya

  • rickacha

    #56 those curves……oh my God.

    • G_Had

      I would totally agree with you if they weren't shopped… 😦

      • geezer

        Agreed. With that ass it looks like she is ready to be strapped to the plow and go work the fields. Probably was way hotter prior to giving her self a horse ass.

      • bored of theChive

        How many times is the chive going to repost this photoshopped image?!?!?! The real one looks way better too

    • Justin
    • Joe

      Her ass has been shopped on that one. I know because I have the original photo saved. I actually like the original better. Her real proportions are better. They just made her butt stick out just a little bit more, not a big difference.

  • jones

    this is how bacon is supposed to be

  • TheRealLomo

    Pretty sure this is what getting struck by lightning feels

  • John Robert

    #28 #36 #39 #47 #54
    Incredibly beautiful women. As always, well done Chive.
    As for the women on this post – you make the world a more beautiful place. Thank you.

  • Fatmangus

    For the love of Chrysler, get rid of the mother fucking adds at the bottom of the mother fucking page!!!! They are pissing me the mother fucking off!!!
    On a side note……#23, keep drinking so we can make bad decisions together.

    • Mr. Somewhat Awesome

      I got mother fucking Stanley Steemer!

      • ...

        It's the fucking Catalina wine mixer

    • I like sandwiches

      Just get adblock plus for chrome. It gets rid of those stupid ads at the front of youtube videos too

      • nope

        our pets heads are falling off!

        • Jack Wagon

          Boats and hoes!

          • Brick

            Loud Noises!

  • nick

    #3 #13 #54 and #56 yes please! 😀

  • Bill

    #28 is Marcia Brady, from the vault.

    • gs425

      Good luck goggling that.

  • gclark

    Sometimes I wonder how women have self control. If I looked as good as half these girls and looked in a mirror I doubt Id be able to leave the house, because Id be stuck doing dirty things to myself.

    • What_Tha

      You can still do dirty things to yourself.

  • Jimmy_Recard

    #39 Is off the charts hot!

    • pixfresh

      And this… is why women have body issues. When guys think photoshopped pics are off the charts hot

  • tsu

    #1 These tits never looked more fake

    • Shadow

      Denise Milani

    • Brett Hall

      you say fake like that's a bad thing

    • chivester

      believe it or not I can still fap to them

    • Mitts281

      Yea Denise Milani's tits are 100% natural.

    • gs425


    • anonimo

      WTF cares if they're real or fake!

    • John from Accounting

      you say that like if they were dumped naked in front of you, you'd go "eeww" and run away. To me, they're all real….. if I can touch them, they're real

  • Ryan

    #54 God bless her.

    • Brian

      Re post her everyday

    • Teddy Roxspin

      Speechless… So Damn hot!

  • PeyKonzloas
    • Ryan


  • Corey

    Number 47 who is that

    • lil help

      #47 use the # before the number with no space

    • Wrldtrvlt

      Karolina Kurkova, former victoria secrets model

  • corey

    Number 40 who is that as well

    • u rookie


      • Levian

        #37 and #40, yes and yes!

  • Jason

    #7 #28 #36 #54
    These girls are sickeningly hot!
    Thx so much for participating!

    • KingThing

      My exact choices as well!….. Stacked…head to toe!

      • uptilla

        Me, too + #10. Moar of all of them, plz

  • AnwM

    #47 Holy shit my girl would KILL for that dress. where can i haz?

    • Levian

      Ok you can have her dress, I call everything under it!

  • orion

    #2 & #36 how much sexy???

  • Anthony

    #34 Whatever you're doing, keep doing it!

    • Jim

      Keep looking hot, stop with the idiotic pose

    • Pedobear

      Being 12? But seriously still would

    • D.M.

      #34 the gravity is strong with them…mmm…yes…

  • Sid

    I absolutely need moar #7 she's a goddess. #46 Luba Hegre, nice seeing her again.

    • uptilla

      Good call on Luba. I never would have picked that up.

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