Top-notch journalism at its best (34 photos)

  • SmokeyTheBear

    #17 Ah, you know journalism has peaked when they can spoof one of the grossest porn videos in the World. Go fuck yourself San Diego.

    • Fred

      South Carolina

      • SmokeyTheBear

        …and I will now call you San Diego.

        • Brahma

          Where in the world is Carmen………

          • Yeahhh

            If you have ever been to a game there you know how much of a joke that stadium is.

        • Yerp

          #20 after the Charger loss today is epic. Fuck that loser lame ass team. Hahahahahahhhahah

    • Anchorman


    • SaxMan

      Did you know that San Diego literally means a "whale's vagina"

    • Jeff

      Well that escalated quickly

  • whoami

    #26 To be fair that kid looks like he should be kicked every day

    • Anon

      Wow… yah this world has gone to hell. You should be kicked every day.

    • Dick

      Yeah. I hope you get butt sexed everyday

    • Tee

      This is why the chive is garbage. Your comment and its support.

      • TU_Joe

        Tee, Reddit called and they want you back. Convenient because we want you to leave.

    • Boomer Sooner

      I am a male ginger, and I agree. That kid… wow. Kick him out of the gene pool

      • DAFUK

        Matt Turner?

    • Yerp

      Hahahhaahah, this comment and the replies made my week. So damn funny. Keep up the good work everybody.

  • Parkview

    #26 my new favourite Holliday

  • Jack Wagon

    #23 those homes have been known to destroy fires for years

    • bdon

      It's good to hear someone is standing up to fire for once.

    • Firefighter23

      Fuckin' homes took my job!

  • Bossman

    Covering up words is clever. #4 #8

    • Boondock

      The second isn't a cover, it's the abbreviation for Maine.

    • Jack Shit

      Just out of curiosity, what is the word you think was covered in #8?

      • Bossman

        I realize ME is the abbreviation, look at the green box the words are in, they covered up words.

        • Otto

          Go home Bossman, you're drunk

        • RobTalk

          The text inside the green box probably fade in one letter after each other, in this case it says "White House" and "Memphis" or some other location beginning with me.

          • 1chrisb

            Considering they're reporting from Portland, ME (top right corner) I'd say no. Not to mention I've literally NEVER seen a news caption fade in one letter at a time.

            • 1chrisb

              Er…top left.

    • French Montana

      I don't know about #4, but #8 if you look really close you can see he's already in her.

  • NastyNate

    #21 everyone loves tacos, pink ones are my personal favorite.


    #32 must be the Onion

    • hara

      Ooo good eye. It's even the same typeface.

    • Sam
    • Mackin

      Aha, the Chive does a post that mocks bad journalism, and in doing so, includes a parody. Is this meta? Ironic? Inside joke? Does anyone care?

  • crazydog

    #21 does she now…..

  • HereWeGo

    #34 Humping puppy….The world's cutest sex offender.

    • ImALoserBaby

      it's all fun and games until he/she starts humping your leg.

    • Will

      They finally caught the son of a bitch

  • hazza


  • LOLP

    So it begins again… Honey, where is my trunk?


  • m.c.

    Hell it was "awesome" every time. Shit, Larry I'm wired as fuck right now! How does a guy marry Roseanne and NOT be on drugs? #9

  • hara


    • Clever

      Ah, to bee, or not to bee. That is the question!

    • denleendeko

      Asian dad would say NO!

  • Cole

    #6 Indeed you were, W!

    • Kiss my A$$ Cole

      yeah cause Obama is doing such a great job running this country!!!

      • Sandy

        Oh, he mad! Seems to me Obama has done a decent job in four years, considering all the problems W left in his lap. For example, ending W's senseless war in Iraq, which unnecessarily killed hundreds of thousands and had absolutely nothing to do with 9-11. Then there's the fact that the Obama administration got the actual mastermind behind 9-11, Bin Laden. You know, that guy actually responsible for planning 9-11, whom Dubya should have concentrated 100% on to begin with instead of invading Iraq? Yeah, there's also that.

        • dud

          Sandy, when did Obama end the war in Iraq?

        • Ffish

          Yep, you are Fuckin A Well Told, Sandy. Obama got the Job DONE. The Republicans can bitch and moan all they want, but they can never take that away from President Obama. Made Bush look like an asshole.

          • Sandy

            The sad part is George W. Bush didn't need Obama to make him look like an asshole. He was perfectly capable of doing that himself (for anyone with half a clue and actually paying attention that is).

            For example, his utterly ridiculous mission accomplished speech/publicity stunt aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln in 2003.:

            At least we can take solace in the fact that a very dark chapter is American history is over. And hopefully, as a country, we can learn from such a huge mistake and never repeat it again.

    • derp

      Republicans have cause all of our greatest recessions so yeah duh

  • Kevin

    #11 and #14 — Hilarious!

  • bizarrogreg

    #14 I am pretty sure that guy is not offended. He probably has the original posted in multiple places in his house.

  • Lukeatmacok


    Im rich bitch

  • PeyKonzloas
    • Yuppp

      Please move on to a different site. I'm not trying to be a dick, but you couldn't be more boring every single time.

  • Michka


    • Yeahhh

      There's no way this comment should be in the negative category.

  • FromRedditWithLove

    #25 I live in Anderson County… =/ people that look like this are all too common.

    • B-Train

      I'm from Rockcastle County. I know many guys that look like this too. Gotta love the stereotype.

  • nsc

    Every day is kick a ginger day

  • Jose_Ariel

    #2 Was she ever-present and a football plaer?

  • Canucks_Rule

    #6 – so, so true.

    • WeakSauce

      Yup, the Canucks can go suck my ass. Which Sedin is #20?

    • Lameee

      Says the Canadian…

  • givethedjabj

    #6 So true

    • TisTrue

      You are an idiot.

  • chris_syd

    Top-notch tautology at its best.

    • ButtHole

      You could have tried harder.

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