Outstanding invention of the day: Yoga Pants! (45 Photos)

  • Tatorchip

    FIRST! Dammit, now I'm a douche

    • J.T.K.

      Yes, yes you are a douche. But somehow owning it almost makes you still acceptable. Almost…you douche! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Douche.

    • UncleRoast

      It's not douchey to be first. It's douchey to announce it.

    • Dr. Evil


    • Leechdog

      Moar 1 through to 45

    • whale huntr

      i thumbs up'd you just because your awesome name, tatorchip, lolololol

    • KAFman

      One out of 300 FIRST!s get upvotes.

      Congrats Tatorchip, you're one of the few…

  • Wayne

    Yoga yoga yoga! And the guy above is a douche

  • Guest


  • Roggy

    Dude, I just gave up…. I was gonna post my favorite pics, but there's just too many!

    • Cooter Brown

      #17 is to die for!!

      • Deets

        Any girl that wears hollister isn't worth dying for

    • Turkey lurkey

      It has been so long; I think I cried a lil' bit
      Thanks leo

  • brian


  • Oface

    Yes you are

  • N2MotoX

    #25 I'd be at the back of that class! Wouldn't you?

    • http://twitter.com/Jason_okc @Jason_okc

      Yes sir! Candace is my favorite Victoria's Secret model.

    • Dyquen

      When I took yoga back in High School, That's where me and the only other 9 guys in a class of 40 were the whole time. Epic memories were created during the sun salutation stretches. Best decision I made in back then instead of taking an over-crowded all-male weight training class.
      Also #16 chick in the back is hating on the main booty and #37…. uuuuuuuugh the ruin she would endure.

  • Nat3dawg

    #3 Curse of curves, they are contagious.

  • Mike D

    Bears suck

    • luke

      Skol Vikings!

    • penguin slayer

      The team or the animal?

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      • Rich

        Loser spammer

  • Honey boo boo

    I like because squishy

    • Cooter Brown

      What, jelly-filled donuts?

  • mustangpat

    #38….. Dayum.

  • EggSauceTed

    #3 Nice Gap

  • Trav1121

    Sunday just got a whole lot better! #1

    • BMOC

      that is Prime right there!

    • SmokeyTheBear

      If I could go to sleep/wake up to that every day, then I wouldn't ask for anything else my entire life.

  • tjo55555

    #16 Is pure perfection

    • Dyquen

      The pancake ass in the back is hatin' on the chick in-focus

  • savagecabbage

    and the winner is #19 no wait, maybe #22

    • http://www.youtube.com/lrscomedy josh mccaffery

      #22 is Tionna Grace Dolin.. she's a felon. look her up..

  • 780chive

    Bless the man who invented them and bless these women for wearing them. There is God

  • buckwild666

    its a toss up between #26 and #41 i just cant decide…..

    • yeah

      Is it bad that i didn't even catch that?

      • BooBear

        Chive has certainly used the same photos more than once before but this is the first time I have seen them do it in the SAME post. They musta got drunk on all them humps.

        • Meyer

          You must be a new cause they use the same picture in the same post all the time

  • tim fritz

    #42 FIND!

  • BigOkie

    #37 is straight out of my dreams!

  • jethro

    Best invention ever hands down

  • EggSauceTed

    #44 Pretty sure I've seen this movie before.

    • SmokeyTheBear

      I need to start going to Yoga classes…

  • TylerDerpen

    The only women that I see wearing these are big fat skanks who have more than the recommended number of ass cheeks. Their asses look like bags of laundry.

    • Joe

      Or a sack of potatoes

    • mynameis

      Tyler you sir are absolutely correct. For every one 1 hot there is 20+ not. Bag of marbles yuck!

    • bubble bobby

      what do you want some girl to bend over and see her ass bones peek out of her ass cheeks?F in disgusting pancake ass lover.ewwwww

      • goatpunch

        come on you know you have seen plenty of love handles pouring out the side of ill fitting yoga pants. Just like a nude beach. The ones who bare it all are often the only ones who shouldn't. Still, I will take the good with the bad.

  • Brad

    #39 That poor girl went through hell and all her pictures are still floating around.

    • yep

      Yeah she was so broken up about, glad she found the courage to take more pics of herself and put them in place that couldn't get hacked

    • savagecabbage

      who's this now?

      • penguin slayer

        angie varona.

    • boob_cuddler

      Bitch wants attention.

    • Kato

      Wtf?! She's not even legal! B-b-but I already fapped to her pic… *hungs head in shame*

  • Canucks_Rule

    #1 #4 #29 – the creator of yoga pants seriously needs to get a trophy or something.

    • jethro

      At least theres one thing a flames fan and a nucks fan can agree on lol

      • Canucks_Rule

        yoga pants… bringing rivals together. get a crate over to israel/palastine… stat!! lol.

    • Sasa

      29 is Stanija Dobrojevic from Serbia

  • Cracka_ass_cracka


    • SoFLRider

      It's a buffet

    • Kato

      All you can eat. Btw, fuck this spammer!

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