Life’s tough, get a dog (49 Photos)

  • nbree

    Nothing better in this world than a dog. And boobs. #48

    • I loves mah dranks

      If ya had to go out like that the only way to make it sweeter is if they put a lil peanut butter on the end of the barrel old yeller style

    • guest

      Dogs and boobs you say. You forgot #17 and #6 then.

  • Will Berry

    #43 Find her!

    • gameoverjc

      Looks like an Australian Shepard dog. No worries only took me 3 minutes to find. KCCO

      • I loves mah dranks

        Puberty you're doing it right #43 mmhmmmm!! I agree find the one on the right!

  • Colby

    He does not like the cone of shame…d

  • Sade

    #11 Jenna Marbles' dogs ^_^

    • ken

      I think they are named Marbles and Kermit.

      • Sean

        …And Kermit resembles Snoop Dogg.

  • JayMackB

    Puppies are so dang cute, and if you don't think so then you have no soul

  • gameoverjc

    #27 As a fellow dog owner, I can indeed confirm we do love sticks.

  • Randmc


    • kelly


  • dude

    #10 can't go wrong with a GSD!

    • JerseyGuy

      please find her? not the dog…

    • Fat Hillary

      Thats a Mal,not a GSD;but I agree with your comment

  • srt28

    #6 and #17 sure, its cute when they do it but I get slapped

    • ManOnFire

      what breed of dog is in #17

      • Pato

        Looks like a boxer to me.

      • Jodi

        thats charlie, hes a a boxer

  • kcford

    This post makes my mondays suck less. Thank you, Chive.

  • IrishWolfhound

    #47 Fuck Yeah!!!

    • 617Chiver

      irish wolfhound FTW!

  • Kevin

    Get a dog, name it Chive Owen

  • misschris

    #22 Aww that dog looks so happy! I can't blame him – love a man in uniform! KCCO good sir

  • Tiber_Septim

    #19 That is so awesome. Congrats! and good job.

    • Yoda

      Awesome individual you are!

  • Andy Valentine

    #47 – At the vets, being repaired after Luke Skywalker tripped him up on Hoth.

  • Kodos

    #6 #17 #48

    I see some puppies, but no dogs! 😉

    • guest

      That's because you need to get laid.

  • DogLover

    #7 #24 All pitbulls should be euthanized. They serve no purpose and attack humans viciously every day.

    • Steve

      That's odd. I've had my pitbulls for over 5 years and they haven't attacked or shown aggression towards a single person. Ever. So maybe you need to pull your head out of your ass. Just a thought.

    • pit owner

      Your ignorance is unbelievable.

    • Koolaid man

      you about a bumb A$$ if u look up the most likey breed of dog to bite u will see a pitbull is listed way low around number thirty out of 100. So step back and look at your self in the mirror and believe for you self not what the media makes you beleive and quit. BAN STUPID PEOPLE NOT THE BREED.. AND you my freind ARE STUPID. FROM a pitbull owner

    • guest

      For being a self-proclaimed dog lover, as your name says, you sure are ignorant about dogs. Maybe you should educate yourself about dogs and not be a media puppet. In the 1990's Doberman were evil, in the 1980's it was Rotts. Now it is the Pits turn under the gun. Also if you look at the history of the breed you will see that they were used extensively as nanny dogs. It's also ironic that just last week there was a story on the news about a pit saving a child from being kidnapped. Educate yourself before you spew worthless garbage out of you mouth. And for the record, I do not own a pit, nor do intend to ever own one, I like pointers and retreivers.

    • Dissonant

      Troll Level over 9000

    • TubularTom

      However ignorant this may be, I can't deny the fact that I chuckled because his name is DogLover.

    • 617Chiver

      Attention all chuckleheads who replied to this trolls handy work: I sense sarcasm in this comment, an abundant amount.

    • Tim

      That's about as stupid as the "assault rifles" ban. Becasue one .223 is so much worse than any other.

    • jim

      Pitbulls are like children let your kids do whatever they want and they become bad to look how many people shoot other people in a day and we don't kill them.come on people have we grow our kids up with right and wrong. Train your pitbull the same way with right and wrong and you will have your new best friend.

    • gimletmike

      Any dog is as vicious as his owners make him. Sometimes I don't think that it is the dog that should be euthanized.

    • PapaB

      You're an idiot. . .

    • Kerilyn

      I think "Doglover" was being sarcastic towards all the people who say that stuff about pitbulls. So, chill peeps! Have a beer or something.

  • Head Chef

    #26 Weimaraners are cool but all of them are mental !

  • Lyrex

    #19 – You sir, ROCK!

  • tv_paul

    #29 Hi, I'm Larry and this is my brother Darryl and this is my other brother Darryl .

  • Spas

    I miss my dog… 😦

  • B Dub

    The PETA bumper sticker in #39 made me chuckle!

    • guest

      PETA also stands for People Eating Tasty Animals, Looks like a good day.

  • Cesar Arias Sanchez

    #27 caption is wrong: dogs own people

    • honk

      no thats cats

  • honk

    did howards auntie send him to bel air for this job? sounds good at first but the cost of living must be pretty high there

  • bob_the_cook

    My dog is one of the best people I know.

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