Photographs that will move and inspire (48 Photos)

  • Medieval

    #39 Amazing post. Seriously. But in this one though they see the dog, shake its hand, tug-o-war w/ some jerky and let it go in the water. Jerks.

  • Dan

    A very moving post. Now to go get rid of a few tears.

  • Stephen

    #9 Satan will stop at nothing to convince the world he does not exist. He uses many other oracles just like Alan Moore as part of the "conspiracy too big to be real". Adolf Hitler famously said that big lies are more likely to be believed. Jesus is truth.

  • jake

    What a fantastic thread. That was the best thing for me to see early in the morning!

  • Velociraptor Meloish

    God dammit. I was not planning on feeling feelings this early in the morning. They usually come after lunch. Good job

  • enitionenigma

    Was doing alright, got about half way through and realized how close I was to crying, laughed it off and thought "damn chive", continued on and saw the posts from other Chivers and then actually did weep .Faith in humanity? Faith in us. KCCO


    #27 you can't get arrested for protesting, he had to do something else.

  • decielito

    Im sure if more posts like these circulated the net, the world would become a better place.

  • pear


  • sdchiver

    this post reminds me why I love being a chiver. it reminds me to pay if forwwrd every chance i get.s

  • phillyj112

    Well now i feel all nice and depressed

  • Jason

    Where is the bookstore in #34?

  • Theresia

    There are good people out there! Makes my heart smile.


    Well done chive!
    Stay hot Chivettes!!

  • Lance

    #1 I would go to a Gay pride parade with a "Straight pride" shirt on. Just sit there with a cold brew.

  • Memento

    this made me cry, nice post chive ❤

  • Court

    Chive, you just made me cry at work. AMAZING!

  • Lazy Jake

    I know this has already been said, but, this is a GREAT post. Good job Chive.

  • Morgan

    #4 guy or girl in red ?

  • Jess

    I got teary 🙂

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