The genius of the 8-level rooftop park in Osaka, Japan (14 HQ Photos)

Via Twistedsifter

  • Dooples

    Finally I can Really Say iTs awesome!

  • elninja213

    El ninja213 was not here!

  • Anon

    What an amazing building

  • snappiness

    I preferred it like this:

  • Livin' Legend

    I bet they're hiding a cryogenically frozen psychic underneath that thing. If anime has taught me anything, it's that the Japanese love hiding the causes of apocalypses underneath stadiums.

  • the credible hulk

    Just like in America. People say they want parks and green spaces but when you look around those places there are very few users. The people you see in these pictures are using the retail space, not the park.

  • ab dirty

    Go whore yourself out elsewhere!! Idiot

  • guest


  • Canucks_Rule

    #14 – anywhere u can put more greenery, the better.

  • Citypeoplecanbedumb

    THAT!……is NOT a park….that has just about as much vegetation as a freakin mall. If you think this is cool you have probably never actually been out of a city or suburbia hell !

  • lols

    not nearly enough green the walkways should be grass

  • 14 Photos of 8-level rooftop park in Osaka, Japan |

    […] Jerde conceived Namba Parks as a large park, a natural intervention in Osaka’s dense and harsh urban condition. Alongside a 30-story tower, the project features a lifestyle commercial center crowned with a rooftop park that crosses multiple blocks while gradually ascending eight levels. In addition to providing a highly visible green component in a city where nature is sparse, the sloping park connects to the street, welcoming passers-by to enjoy its groves of trees, clusters of rocks, cliffs, lawn, streams, waterfalls, ponds and outdoor terraces. Beneath the park, a canyon carves an experiential path through specialty retail, entertainment and dining venues. The park is a stunning achievement in ambition and innovation. […]

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