The wait is over. Murray Christmas has arrived!

murray final The wait is over. Murray Christmas has arrived!

Murray Christmas, one of the most anticipated shirts theCHIVE has ever produced, is finally available RIGHT HERE!

We’ve been wearing Murray Christmas around Venice Beach all week and I’ve never seen a more positive reaction to a shirt, it makes everybody smile.

This is a 24-hour presale. We are going to make a genuine effort allow every Chiver and Chivette who wants Murray Christmas to get him. The sooner you order, the faster you will receive your shirt.

Murray Christmas is available RIGHT HERE.

Merry Christmas from everybody here at theCHIVE!

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  • TheRealRainmaker2112

    Murray Christmas ordered and will be joining the "Murray Twins" (BFM & BFM3D) to be now known as the "Murray Trifecta"! Welcome home Murray Christmas, welcome home!!!!!

  • Jay Sweet

    Ordered a KCCO shirt a month ago. Still don't have it.

    • cimi12

      where do you live? i live in canada and usually get it in 2.5 weeks with standard chipping

    • Kristin Wick

      I live in England at an APO and it's been taking 6-8 weeks. It will come just takes for fucking ever!

    • SLy_C

      Me too. Canada.

      This seems to be taking longer than usual…

  • Rob

    What are the odds the BFM Xmas get to Canada in time for Christmas? Any guesses? Or do we just take our chances?

    • cimi12

      all you can do is take your chances… they're sending them out on a first purchase basis, and then it's all luck from there 😦

    • WyzardSTi

      Wonder if they'll give us any idea what # we are in line…like first shipment, second shipment…something like that..

      • Ashley

        they will email you when they ship them nf hope for the best!

        • Ashley

          ignore the nf

    • Big tall

      Mine just shipped

  • mrpko

    Snagged my Murray Christmas & my son's onesies. Missed out on the green hoodie but no matter, still a good day. KCCO everyone.

  • nschiver

    Canadian kcco and BFM. Good day.

  • Tate

    Glad to see the Chive making so much money under the guise of…uh, being cool.

    • nschiver

      Just like any company ever……….

  • happychiver

    thanks chive for making me broke today. I know a wife and couple kids that are gonna be happy christmas morning. KCCO everyone.

  • Zanzabar

    And they call people who buy new Apple products saps. Get ready for the BFM Summer Solstice T! With eyes that are sunny and bright!

  • Ohio Chiver

    Thank you Chive! The only ones I missed today were the original green KCCO and the Mind the Gap…
    Even managed to snag another Black KCCO and a hoodie!

  • Dan

    The DAR is late..

  • Carl

    Gotta be honest chive, first few times I went for tees they were incredibly hard to get. Now my collection is full up but it's nice to see you giving everyone a real opportunity to get a shirt. Thanks everyone. Merry Christmas Chive.

  • NIXem

    thanks for the lack of discount, way to go

    • WyzardSTi

      There was a discount code… Just gotta find it!

      • justme

        I found it and used it all day. Major savings. 🙂

  • WyzardSTi

    Thanks Chive for all the chances to get a shirt or 5. I was constantly checking all day and, even after the deadline came and went, am still checking every 4 minutes to see if by some miracle, the Green Hoodie and BFM 3D will magically come back on sale. Nope. Still sold out. Still. Still.

    • justme

      Oh my hell!!! I thought I was the only one doing that. 🙂

      • WyzardSTi

        How about now?

        Nope. LOL

        • justme

          Nope, but I did find the Black KCCO shirt. Pretty stocked about that. 🙂

          • ...

            You could also snag a black hoodie available as of 345 est every size but medium

    • Lucy

      There's some hoodies available RIGHT NOW 🙂 good luck

  • Al1

    whatever I add to my cart, it always changes automatically to size "small". what the hell. I'm way too fat for "small"

    • WyzardSTi

      Wait until the page completely loads. Don't rush it. But by the time you actually get it added to your cart in the right size…SOLD OUT. Oh well. KCCO

    • yahtzee09

      Are you ordering on your phone by chance? I've found that everything on my phone defaults to small. Came home, tried online, no problems…

    • goose

      I had the same problem earlier. I was using Safari on my mac, but I tried it on google chrome and it worked right away.

  • yahtzee09

    Grabbed 2 BFM Christmas shirts for me and my bro 1 1/2 hours after launch. They really did mean that they would have them available for as long as possible. Merry Christmas to us. Family pics might just be worth taking this year…

  • buglovin

    Could I ask why the only size in the Pre-order for Murray Christmas to be "sold out" is 2XL. Shouldn't a pre order stay open?

  • Big tall

    Murray Christmas just shipped. KCCO

  • Masshole_Mike

    I wish I had not been working today for Murray Christmas

    • ...

      Still available it's s presale check it out!!

  • Danish Dynamite

    Hoodies hoodies hoodies….

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