Daily Afternoon Randomness (52 Photos)

  • Richard Sherman

    #42 Tons of Meth , Sharpie eyebrows and on BRAZZERS!! GROSS!! Come on Chivers..You Can do better

  • a guy

    #39 i would give an arm for you

  • http://www.thechivefun.com www.thechivefun.com

    Exclusive images *<3:*<3:*<3 V I S I T The Chive Fun

  • UsSoldier

    #25 and #52 … Oh WOW!

  • Ace

    #52 MAN HANDS!!!! Cant unsee it now! You're welcome.

  • Jeremy

    #39 why aren't you in my life?!?!?

  • wrenchs10

    #49 Keep Fighting Keep Calm and Chive on Little Chiver!!!!!!!! Our thoughs, hopes and prayers are with you!!

  • mike

    #39 find her!!!

  • None

    #14 looks like she is only 14. Do you verify ages?

  • pa'ver

    #11 I'd like to see more of you beautiful!

    • pauly

      …most crack-alleys after dark…

  • I Eats Bacon

    MOAR #25! PLEEZE?

  • seanster77

    Bennett you are one of my heroes young man. I applaud your courage and will try as hard as I can to be half the strong guy you are buddy. Your Mom and Dad must be so proud to have such a great little man in their life. Bless you, and KCCO bro

  • Hazel

    #42 Bret Michaels? yuck, that is not sexy

  • thenomadadventures

    #1 – lucky seal
    #2 – unlucky giraffe….

  • thenomadadventures

    #11 #14 #19 #42 #52 – just plain lucky – please find them all – i desperately need to see moar!!!!!

  • mongoose5271

    #49 KCCO little buddy…all the best to you!

  • CosmoKramerTheAssMan


    I'm late, but Bennett, Chive on little man. It crushes me to know that you've been diagnosed with cancer. May you continue to do well. Chive love, little man.


  • LBF 4 ever

    starting to love camera phones

  • Geoff

    #49 Good Luck Little Guy! KCCO

  • Macro

    #25 should be given a medal

  • Jude

    #5 terrible anti-gay organization. Fuck Salvation Army.

    • http://www.facebook.com/dreacarbone Drea Carbone

      They are a church, and one of the top-rated charities in the country.

  • jt1120

    #11 FAIL!

  • Nbl

    Little soldier I salute u kiddo
    And #52 those fingers look really manly disgusting

  • ThatOneDude

    #39 is Valerie Poxleitner.

  • Texas Boy

    Bennett your an awesome Lil Dude.

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